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Who were the generals for the North and South in the US Civil War Battle of Chattanooga?

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At the US Civil War Battle of Chattanooga, the Union was led by General US Grant and the Confederacy was led by General Braxton Bragg.

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Who won the battle at Chattanooga?

The North.

Who were the generals of the north in the civil war?

Grant and Sherman

3 victories for the north civil war?

Gettysburg Vicksburg Chattanooga

What are the names of the battle victories won by the north in the US Civil War?

The major ones were Shiloh, Vicksburg, New Orleans, Murfreesboro, Gettysburg, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Mobile, Petersburg.

Who was the generals of the south and north of the civil war?

the south was robert genral lee and the north was elmo

Who were two famous generals from the north and south during the civil war?

The two most famously known generals during the civil war were: South: Robert E. Lee North: Ulyess S. Grant

Who were the generals of the civil war?

The major and most prominent generals in the US Civil War can be narrowed down to two generals. For the South the prominent general was Robert E. Lee. For the North it would be US Grant.

What US civil war battle gave the north an advantage?

Vicksburg. No other battle had such a decisive effect on Union fortunes. It meant the liberation of the Mississippi, the ending of the war in the West, and the opportunity for Grant to rescue the Army of the Cumberland in Chattanooga.

Who were the main generals in the american civil war?

Robert E. Lee for the south & Ulysses S. Grant for the north (even thought the north had a lot more generals)

During the civil war which side north or south is led from the beginning by smart able generals?

This is a matter of opinion, but the South probably had the better generals at the start of the Civil War.

Who were the most important civil war generals?

The most important Civil War generals were General Ulysses S. Grant for the North and General Robert E. Lee for the South.

Who were the leading generals at the civil war surrender signing?

Grant for the North, Lee for the South

Who were some famous Generals in the Civil War?

Some of the famous generals in the civil war were, Robert E. lee of the south and Ulysses S. grant of the north. But there were also many othere famous generals such as William Sherman and Stonewall jackson.

In the Civil War who won the battle?

the north won the civil war

What was the battle of the turning point in the civil war for the north?

the battle of gettysburg

Who were the generals in the US Civil War Battle of Chickamauga?

The commanding generals were for the North William S. Rosecrans, for the South Braxton Bragg. Each had several dozen other generals to command units within their armies. See "Related Links" below for complete Orders of Battle of both sides, which will provide you with the names of general officers commanding corps, divisions and brigades in each army.

Who were the famous generals during the civil war?

Lee for the South and Grant for the North were the most famous.

Who were the generals in the battle of Chickamauga for the north and south?

North- Maj. Gen. William Rosecrans South- Gen. Braxton Bragg

What was the least bloodiest battle of the US Civil War?

The bloodiest battle of the civil war was The Battle of Gettysburg...wich the union/North won

What battle split north and south during the civil war?

Battle of Vicksburg

What was the furthest north battle of civil war?

Gettysburg - the only battle in Pennsylvania

What was not a advantage which north enjoyed over the south at the start of the civil war?

At the beginning of the war the South had better generals than the North had.

What battle was a major turning point in the civil war for the north?

the battle of gettyburg Virginia was the turning point for the north.

In what Civil War battle did the North take control of the Mississippi River?

The Battle of Vicksburg was the battle that gave the North control of the Mississippi River.

Why was the Battle of Bull Run important in the civil war?

The First Battle of Bull Run convinced the north that is was not going to gain a quick and easy victory over he south. The Second Battle of Bull Run convinced Lincoln that he still had not found a commander who could beat the southern generals.