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the main generals of the civil war are

1.General Robert E Lee

2.General P.G.T Beauregard

3.General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson

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Q: Who were the generals for the North and the South?
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Who were the generals of Vicksburg?

The two ranking generals were Grant (North) and Pemberton (South).

Did north or south have better trained generals?

The South had better Generals at the start, but lost some in combat, and the Northern Generals began to improve their policies.

What advantage did south feel they had over north?

The South had better generals than the North did at the time.

Who was the generals of the south and north of the civil war?

the south was robert genral lee and the north was elmo

Did the north or south have more trained generals?

The North. But the South had managed to cream-off some of the best of them.

Who were the generals in the battle of Chickamauga for the north and south?

North- Maj. Gen. William Rosecrans South- Gen. Braxton Bragg

Who were the generals in the war at Gettysburg?

Lee for the South versus Meade for the North

What was not a advantage which north enjoyed over the south at the start of the civil war?

At the beginning of the war the South had better generals than the North had.

Who were two famous generals from the north and south during the civil war?

The two most famously known generals during the civil war were: South: Robert E. Lee North: Ulyess S. Grant

Who were the main generals in the american civil war?

Robert E. Lee for the south & Ulysses S. Grant for the north (even thought the north had a lot more generals)

Who were the two famous generals from the north and the south during the civil war?

The South - Robert E. Lee / North - Ulysses S. Grant .

What were the two strengths of the north and of the south?

North- More troops Better equipped and supplied South- Knew the land better Had better generals

During the civil war which side north or south is led from the beginning by smart able generals?

This is a matter of opinion, but the South probably had the better generals at the start of the Civil War.

Who was in charge of the north and south during the civil war?

There were many different Generals in the Civil War, but Lincoln hired all of the generals for the North who was the Union and the South who was the Confederates was mostly general Robert E. Lee. Douglas was the president of the South since the south wanted to break away from the union.

Who were the leading generals at the civil war surrender signing?

Grant for the North, Lee for the South

Who were the generals of the north?

U.S Grant was the main leader of the north(union) Robert .E lee was the leader of the south (confederacy)

What advantages did the North have over the South in finding generals during the US Civil War?

Most US generals came from the ranks of the graduates of the US Military Academy at West Point, New York. The North had a larger pool of military trained men then did the South. The pool of officers was larger for the North, no doubt. However, on both sides the general pool was diluted due to the necessity of making political generals. On a ratio basis, it can be debated that the South had a higher quality of possible generals.

Why did the North fail to achieve a rapid victory over the South during the civil war?

Because the south had a lot of generals that had gone to school in other countries and the north did not have that

Who were the famous generals during the civil war?

Lee for the South and Grant for the North were the most famous.

What were the generals name of the south during the civil war?

He was William Tecumseh Sherman.Answer:There were numerous generals in both the Northern and Southern armies during the American Civil War (See Link). As the North eventually carried the war to the South there could even be said to be Northern generals in the South at some periods.

Who had more experienced generals'especially in cavalry the north or the south?

The South had more experienced generals, especially in cavalry, in the early stage of the war.

What disadvantages did the north have over the south?

The South had better generals (Robert E. Lee) than the north did at the start of the war. Also, the south's troops typically had higher moral.

Who were the important generals for the north and the south for the atlanta battle?

For the North, Sherman, with the highly-rated McPherson as one of his subordinate commanders, killed at Atlanta. For the South, John Bell Hood.

Who were the generals of the civil war?

The major and most prominent generals in the US Civil War can be narrowed down to two generals. For the South the prominent general was Robert E. Lee. For the North it would be US Grant.

Was Joseph e Johnston part of the north or south?

South, fourth on the seniority list of full generals (four stars) from August 1861.