History of the United States
Spanish-American War
History of the Philippines

Who were the key people involved in fighting the war on both the Spanish and American side?

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The first shots of the Spanish-American War were fired in the Philippines rather than in Cuba because both Spain and the United States were fighting over who should have more influence of the people of the Philippines. The Spanish-American War was one of the last wars to occur on American territory.

It kept the pot boiling on the front burner, the people riled up, involved and informed.

yellow journalism. people wanted americans to get hyped up about getting involved in the war.

the Reason Why The Americans Got Involved Because Of The Sinking Of The Lusitiania Which It Was Suppossed To Be A Traveling Ship For People Many People Died

I'm glad I finished that chapter on the Spanish-American War before the test.

Bolivian people speak Latin American Spanish which is a little different from Spanish.

Spanish speaking south american people.

The Volunteers were American cowboys and adventurers.

04ere were 9, 875, 000 people involved in ww1

south American people spoke spanish because it was their inheritage

Tomato fights,Bull fighting,Siestas and Theaters.

which of the following is not associated with the spanish American war which one

It gives people hope and reminds the soldiers who and what they're fighting for... AMERICA

* Spanish American: an American whose first language is Spanish * related to a Spanish-speaking people or culture; "the Hispanic population of California is growing rapidly"

Because people are not happy with what they have and are greedy and want more!

- Spanish People - African American (slaves most likely) - Native American - Women

freedom, and safety for the American People.

People were fighting for political, economic, and social freedom in early American history.

Conflict is when there is tension between people or groups of people. This can be physical -where fighting is involved, or verbal where people argue. Resolution is when something is resolved, and sorted out. Conflict resolution is when conflict such as fighting or arguing is sorted out, and calm is maintained.

Estimates of how many Americans were involved in the fighting vary widely. One estimate on Wikipedia estimates that 250,000 Americans fought in militias or the Continental Army, but notes that no more than 90,000 were active at any one time. Many times as many people would have been involved in providing support for the soldiers, especially providing money, food, clothing, and shelter. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of small ships were involved in seeking war materials from Caribbean islands belonging to the Dutch, French, and Spanish.

PEople from Spain are white but latin Americans are not theyre a mix of black and native American and or spanish descent

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