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When Canada was called New France it was a French possession and the King of France was soveriegn over it.

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Q: Who were the king and queen of New France Canada?
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Who was the king of new France?

there was never a King of New France( Quebec, Canada)

Does Australia have a king?

The Queen of England is also the Queen of Australia (as well as the Queen of Canada, The Queen of New Zealand etc). She has a lot of crowns :)

What did the King of new France do?

There was no king of New France. It was King Louis XIV of France and he made New France a royal province, the first step in Canada's evolution from colony to independent kingdom. In his reign he also fostered the social and economic development of Canada. The King was also one of the great patrons of literature and art, established many academies and wrote his memoirs.

Louis XII of France -Canada?

Canada was not discovered when Louis XII was King of France, Jacques Cartier was commissioned by his successor King Francis I; and under his authority discovered and explored the lands that became New France.

Who Queen Elizabeth?

There were two Queen Elizabeths, one is alive and is the Queen of the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, etc and the other is dead and was the Queen of England, Ireland and France.

Why did Jacques Cartier explore Canada?

Because he went in search of new land for the king of France.

Why did Jacques cartier explored Canada?

Because he went in search of new land for the king of France.

Who was King Louis XIV of New France?

he was the king of new France

When did Canada and US become New France?

new France became Canada and us....

Which countries still have a king or queen head of state?

Spain Australia Canada new zeland england

Which countries still have a King or Queen as head of state?

spain australia canada new zeland england

Is new France in Canada?

no it's not in Canada

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