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Who were the leaders of the War of 1812?

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The first Major General that commanded the British was Issac Brock a brave general who lived at England and then settled to Niagara on the Lake because of the war. At the Battle of Queenstein Heights Brook got shot in the heart. After Brock came General James Fitzgibbon 1813-1814 who lasted the war and who took care of the story of Laura secord.

If you want more research go visit the web about Brock and Fitzgibbon.

James Madison was President of the United States.

George III was King of Great Britain

Robert Jenkinson, Lord of Liverpool was Prime Minister of the Great Britain

Sir George Prevost was Governor General of British North America (now called Canada)

General Tecumseh was the leader of native volunteers in the British Army

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Who were the two leaders of the war of 1812?

Jackson and Tecumseh

What is the name given to leaders in favor of going to war in 1812?


Where did the greatest support for the war of 1812 come from?

The greatest support for the War of 1812 came from the regions of south and western Pennsylvania. Agricultural leaders knew they had to support the war efforts to protect their own interests.

What group supported declaring war against England in 1812?

Young leaders from the west and south known as war hawks

Why did british leaders decide to end the war of 1812?

who cares if you are doing this to get homework how about actully doing it

Why is the war of 1812 called the war of 1812?

It is called the war of 1812 because the war was declared and fought in the year of 1812.

Which war was in 1812?

The War of 1812

Why is the War of 1812 commonly called the war of 1812?

The War of 1812 began in 1812. It used to be referred to as the War of 1812-1814, but that name became too cumbersome and ultimately, through general usage, was shortened to the War of 1812.

What war was in 1812 in US?

The war in which the americans go to war with the british also known as, "the war of 1812"

Why was there a 1812 war?

why was there a 1812 war

Who were the political leaders in the war of 1812?

James Madison was the political leader for the Americas and for the British it was sir Isaac Brock

Label given to leaders in favor of going to war in 1812?

They were called Warhawks. This group was led by Henry Clay.

Was the battle of tippecanoe BEFORE the war of 1812?

it was after the war of 1812 started but it was in 1812

What was the Month of the war of 1812 was declared?

The war of 1812 was declared in June of 1812.

Who were the Indian leaders in the Indian wars with the US?

Joseph Brant in the revolutionare war little turtle in the wars between the revolution and the war of 1812 then Tecumish.

What was the name of the war of 1812?

it is called the war of 1812

Why did war of 1812 start?

why did they start the war of 1812

Where did the war of 1812 at?

the war of 1812 was fought in America

What war was going on in the year 1812?

The war of 1812.

What year was the War of 1812?

The War of 1812 was declared on Britain on July 17, 1812. 

Did the Revolutinary war coma before the war of 1812?

yes the war of 1812 was 1812-1814 the Revolutionary war was from 1775 to 1783.

In the war of 1812 what war was taking place when the letter was written?

War of 1812

When was the war if 1812?

like the name of the war.....1812-1814

What was the name of the war that took place in 1812?

The war of 1812

What war was fought between 1812 to 1814?

The War of 1812.

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