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Pericles, Alexander the great, and Archimedes.

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Who was hercles?

Hercles was the major leader of the ancient Greece society

How frequently did ancient Greece change leaders?

Every year 50 council men were voted. In early ancient Greece democracy the major leaders were voted every 10 years then it was reduced to 6 years and finally reduced more to just one year.

Who where leaders of Greece?

they had a lot of leaders, but Alexander the great was one major one

What was the major city-state of ancient greece?

This cannot be answered correctly. There are no cities left in the ancient Greece.

Why were ancient Greece leaders chosen?

They were chosen by all men voting. they all go into parliment and vote for major laws and their leader about every few months........

What major sea is both Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece located on?

The Mediterranean

Is there a major water source in ancient greece?


What are the major land forms of Ancient Greece?


What is the major city and the capital in ancient Greece?


What are two of the major cities of ancient Greece?

Athens and Sparta

What was the major impact of ancient Greece?

your ugly , go away

Which 2 major cultures developed in ancient Greece?

The Minoan in Crete and the Mycenaean in southern mainland Greece

What are the two major city states in ancient Greece?

Athens and Sparta.

Who were the of leaders Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece actually didn't have definite rulers. Greece itself was a collection of many states, the major one being Athens. Athens is known for having its council of 500, the first major democracy in which all free men could play a part in the government. Until the end, Athens was the main leader of Greece so the democracy was very much the leading power of Greece. After Greece was conquered, Alexander the Great was pretty much the leader of Greece in that way. He took over Greece but allowed it to remain, spreading Greek culture around the world because he admired it.

What were three major contributions of ancient Greece and Rome?

architecture, statues, art

What major water way was ancient Greece and Rome located on?

The Mediterranean Sea

What are three major wars that shaped ancient Greece?

war1 war2 war3

What are the eleven major gods that ancient Rome borrowed from ancient Greece?

There were many ancient Greek gods borrowed by the Romans. Eleven of the major gods adopted by the Romans form ancient Greece include:Phoebus Apollo, Venus, Mars, Minerva, Pluto, Juno,Sol, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, and Ceres.

Why were Spartans significant in ancient Greece?

They were a major power amongst the Greek city-states.

What is the major city in Ancient Greece that was known for its artistic philosophic and political advances?


What were the four major ancient civilizations?

Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, or Rome/Greece

What is one important factor about the GEOGRAPHY of Ancient Greece?

Volcanic activity and its associated effects of earthquakes, tidal waves, ash clouds etc. is a major factor in the geographic form of Greece and any other island nation.

Did it have an impact on the ancient world?

There could of been many things that had an impact on the ancient world. Greece has a major impact in the ancient times from their math and science styles.

What were the three major columns used by architects in ancient Greece?

Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian columns

What are the 3 major wars of ancient Greece?

The Persian invasion, the Peloponnesian War between the alliances led by Sparta and Athens, and the conquest of Greece by Macedonia.