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Abraham Lincoln for the Union; Jefferson Davis for the Confederacy


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There was no "governor" of the civil war. There were to Presidents, the Union and Confederacy.

the union opposed the confederacy in the civil war.

Who opposed the Confederacy?The Union opposed the Confederacy in the Civil War. The Union was the North and the Confederacy was the South.

During the US Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was president of the Union and Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy.

The union and the confederacy.

The American Civil War was a dispute over the Union and the Confederacy. The war was about the Confederacy (the south) wanting to split off from the Union due to slavery laws in the Union.

During the Civil War, the Confederacy tried to secede from the Union.

The Union or Federal forces opposed the Confederacy.

North Carolina vs. the Confederacy! The Confederacy was trying to North Carolina (NC) to stay with the Confederacy. The Union was nicest to NC so, the Confederacy could lose one of it's states or possibly see if NC could help make the Confederacy give up and let the Union win! At the end of the Civil War, the Union wins anyway!!! The Civil war lasted for six years (1860-1865). NC is still with the Confederacy after the Civil War is done with. After the Civil War, they start Reconstruction to rebuild the Union and the Confederacy!There are seven Confederacy States and twenty-one Union starts durign the Civil War!!! -Christy

A civil war is fought between two or more factions within a single country.confederacy and union confederacy was south and union was north

The Union is all of the Northern states. The Confederacy is the South.

The yanks were the Union, opposing the Confederacy.

South or The Confederacy and the North or The Union

When there is conflict and war within a country between it's own political factions, it is usually referred to as a civil war. As the Union and the Confederacy were both factions of the United States, the war is titled the Civil War.

Jefferson Davis led the Confederacy and Abraham Lincoln led the Union.

The civil war ended with the union army defeating the confederacy.

The Union was the North. The South was the Confederacy.

At the start of the Civil War, Winfield Scott was the Commanding General of the Union Army.

Union won the American Civil War. Also known as the North.

The North and the South were fighting (Union and Confederacy)

the Union and Confederacy which were the north and south.

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