Who were the shakyas?

The Shakyas were an Aryan Warrior Peoples that migrated to Northern India, and dwelt "at the foothills of the Himālayas. The Śākya capital was Kapilavastu" Buddha was The Prince of the Shakyan Kingdom, in sutta refrences he was said to incredibly handsome - thus his face must have matched the geometric proportions of The Golden Ratio. he stood at six foot six, and had deep blue eyes, fair-golden skin, and black hair. His Clan were well known for, and prided themselves on - being the "purest" of They're Warrior Clan, but are since said to be whiped out.

This is said to be a relic of his hair, but I personally have doubts as to it's authenticity. --> http://lh6.ggpht.com/-2ixXBkaYu1c/Teyt7jmvn7I/AAAAAAAAD_g/jtdbsRVqH4c/Lord%252520Buddha%252527s%252520%252527Hair%252520Relics%2525204.jpg?imgmax=640