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Montgomery for the British and, in the winter of '42, Patton for the Americans. Prior to '42, there were Wavell and Auchinleck and Cunningham for the British. Montgomery took over at El Amein after the fall of Tobruck. Major-General Orlando Wardwas commander of the US 1st Armored Division, which first saw combat when it landed at Oran on November 10, 1942 and fought against a heavy Vichy-French force. General Patton was the corps commander over him.

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Q: Who were the the Allied armor field commanders in the North African Campaign of 1942?
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Who were the Allied armor field commanders in the North African Campaign of 1942?

One of the allied leaders, later on, was Montgomery. look to the BBC page to get more

What was the north african campaign?

In World War II, the North African campaign was a roughly three-year struggle between Axis and Allied forces for control of the North African portion of the Mediterranean Basin. With the help of Australian troops, among many others, Great Britain advanced from Egypt to meet up with American troops advancing from the west such that, in early 1943, North Africa was Allied-controlled.

Who won the north African campaign?

The Allies

What was the impact of the North African campaign on Australia?


What are the weapons and tactics of the north African campaign?


Why was north African campaign important?

Because north Africa had valuable resources

Who was the British commander in north America?

Canadian Field Marshal Harold Alexander who was also the Governor General of Canada. He led and fought in these battlesBattle of DunkirkNorth African CampaignBattle of TunisiaAllied invasion of Italy

Where was the turning point of the north African campaign in 1942?

El Alamein

What role did Dwight D. Eisenhower play in the north African campaign?

What role did Dwight D. Eisenhower play in the North Africa campaign

What armies were involved in the north African campaign?

During World War II, the armies involved in the North African campaign were basically two in number. On the one side, the Axis forces consisted of German and Italian troops. On the other side, the Allied forces initially consisted of British, Indian, Australian, New Zealand, and Free French troops (among others); then, in late 1942, American forces joined the campaign through the successful implementation of 'Operation Torch' in western North Africa.

Did Italy join the allied forces in World War 2?

Yes. Italy surrendered to Allied forces after being defeated and pushed out of North Africa. Sicily fell to Allied Commanders in Aug. 1943. Italy agreed to joins the allied forces in October of 1943.

What was the significance of the battle of El Alamein?

A turning point in the North African campaign.

What countries where involved in the north African campaign?

UK, US, Germany, Italy

What waterway was rommel seeking to control in the north African campaign?

The Suez Canal

What was going on in Africa during World War 2?

The African campaign (operation scorch) was an attack on north Africa by the allied force of American and British forces to capture and put an end to Germany's Afrika Korps.

How many people died during the battle of North Africa?

The was no one conflict called the "Battle of North Africa." However, there was a North African Campaign that took place between 1940-43. It included some 90+ major operations! Throughout this campaign, approximately 238,558 Allied (Allied here refers to the UK, British India, Australia, the US, and other British commonwealths) casualties and approximately 950,000 Axis (Italy, Nazi Germany, Vichy France) casualties.

Where did US battle Germany and Italy in 1942 and 1943?

In the North African campaign mostly. There was no one location where Allied Forces fought the Axis. North Africa, Greece, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, France, England, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Russia, etc.

Did North Africa win the north African campaing?

The North Africa campaign was the British and Americans against the Germans in North Africa. It was won by Britain and America.

What did erwin rommel do in world war 2?

General Erwin Rommel served German forces through both World War I and World War II. In World War II, his leadership of German and Italian forces in the North African campaign earned him the nickname 'Desert Fox'. He was considered to be an expert in desert warfare. However, he treated prisoners humanely and was respected by both Axis and Allied commanders.

How many soldiers died in the North African Campaign of World War 2?

19524859135616892165 slodies died in world war 2 in the north African war(desert war)

Who led German soldiers in North Africa?

Assuming you refer to the North African campaign in WW2, it was Field Marshall Erwin Rommel.

Was the early successes that led to the actions by the Allies result in ultimate failure for the Axis Powers?

The North African Campaign

Who were the commanders of north and south?


What battles did Arthur coningham fight in?

Sir Arthur Coningham fought in both WW1 and WW2. The major battles he was involved in were:In WW1Gallipoli CampaignWestern FrontBattle of AmiensIn World War IINorth African CampaignWestern Desert CampaignFirst Battle of El AlameinSecond Battle of El AlameinItalian CampaignNorth-West Europe CampaignNormandy campaign

What major events in world war 2 did erwin rommel participated in?

Gen Erwin Rommel was the leading German general in the North African campaign in WW2, and later one of the main German generals defending the coast of Normandy.Gen Erwin Rommel was the leading German general in the North African campaign in WW2, and later one of the main German generals defending the coast of Normandy.