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Q: Who were two Americans involved in the Nuremberg trials?
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What are two famous trials in history?

the Nuremberg trials or alternatively the Nuremberg trials took place after the Holocaust. There were no famous trials that took place as part of the Holocaust. There were many trials of German servicemen during the Holocaust and there were many famous trials during the time period of the Holocaust, for example the conspirators of the July bomb plot.

What was the difference between Nuremberg laws and Nuremberg trials?

The Nuremberg Laws were anti-Semitic laws passed by Nazi Germany in 1935, which deprived German Jews of their rights and citizenship. The Nuremberg Trials, held after World War II in 1945-1946, were a series of military tribunals in which major war criminals from Nazi Germany were prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

How were the Nuremberg trials similar to the andersonville trials?

The Nuremberg Trials were held after World War II to prosecute top Nazi officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Andersonville Trials were held after the American Civil War to prosecute Confederate soldiers for war crimes committed at the Andersonville prisoner of war camp. Both trials aimed to bring accountability to individuals responsible for heinous acts during wartime.

Who were two judges involved in the salem witch trials?

William Stoughton and Thomas Danforth

What was the result of the Nuremberg Trials from 1945-1949?

The Nuremberg Trials between 1945 and 1949 were military tribunals called to try Nazi Germany's leaders after the war. The result was the incarceration and sentencing of many of Germany's perpetrators of crimes against humanity including acts associated with the holocaust. There were life imprisonments, 10 hangings but two escaped justice buy committing suicide.

What happened during the Nuremberg trials?

The Nuremberg trials were a series of military tribunals held after World War II to prosecute major war criminals from Nazi Germany. Twenty-two Nazi officials were charged with crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes against peace. The trials established the principle that individuals could be held personally responsible for committing atrocities during wartime, even if they were acting on behalf of a government. Many of the defendants were convicted, some were sentenced to death, and the trials set a precedent for subsequent international criminal prosecutions.

Who was hung as the result of the Nuremberg war crimes trials?

There were 24 people accused of the crimes and of those, 12 were sentenced to death. Out of those 12, 10 were actually hanged (Two had committed suicide.)

Who where two well respected preachers who became involved in Salem witch craft trials?

Cotton Mather and Deodot Lawson

What were the effects on Japan?

retaliation from the americans and this got these two countries involved in ww2

What two groups were involved in the little horn massacre?

The Native Americans and the US Cavalry.

How many Nuremberg trials were held?

There were 13 Nuremberg trials held following World War II. The first and most famous trial, known as the International Military Tribunal, took place from 1945 to 1946 and focused on major war criminals. Subsequent trials, known as the Nuremberg Military Tribunals, addressed different aspects of Nazi crimes.

What happened in Nagasaki that involved Americans?

In august 9 1945, the Americans dropped a nuclear bomb over Nagasaki. That was the last attack in World War Two.