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Who will give answers for the question?

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what is the answer for answers?

its a respond u give to someone the has asked a question

What is the point of asking a question when you give phony answers?

Not every answer is a phony answer. I do my best to give legitimate answers. If the answer seems phony, ask the question again.

Why do you give such bad answers?

Because of a bad question

How do you get the third girl to give you the questions to give the questions in Pokemon soul silver at the radio tower in goldenrod city?

The girl does not give you the answers. I can give you the answers. A1: yes, A2: yes, A3: no, A4: yes, and A5: no. A= Answers to the number the question is. (Example: The answer to question 1 is yes.)

Why does this website give you the wrong answers?

It's sad, but whoever answers a question does not put the right answer, so if you answer a question, make it the correct answer, OK?

As in yahoo how to give explanation for question on this website?

It is very easy to explain an answer on yahoo answers group. You need to create an account with Yahoo and then register with the group to give answers for any kind of question.

What is the answer to a-5 and a 3?

you need to give a question and we can help you. Not always give you answers, but help!

Who will give answer to your question?

if you mean who answers questions on this website, then the answer is that any registered member can answer or or update any question.

First counting device?

Most answers to that question on this site give the answer as Abacus.

Can you give me a list of question and answer websites?

Answers WikiAnswers Yahoo Ask Chacha

Do you hate when you computer doesnt give you the answers you want?

No. Because a computer answers exactly the question you ask it. What bothers me is sometimes not being able to ask the right question.

Why does give horrible answers?

It's not the website giving the answers its people with accounts answering the questions by what they have heard. Usually, you can actually find good answers for a question, you just have to change the wording of your question a little.

Why is answercom called answercom?

to get answers.

Are the answers given by the ouija board correct?

The ouija board can give correct answers, but it can also give incorrect answers, and jumbled up answers. There is no yes or no answer for this question, because the board is capable of both being correct and incorrect to questions that are asked.

Will you give me some answers?

If you ask some questions, people will try to give you some answers. However, some questions are not answerable if the question doesn't include enough details.

Why can't WikiAnswers ever give you an answer you want?

WikiAnswers only gives you the truth of the question. Whether not it was the answer you were looking for or not. WikiAnswers tries it's best to give the best answers, and a lot of times, those answers are good ones. But, there are some flagged answers, that may say something inappropriate, and that is not what we are about. We are a Q and A site, trying to give the best answers we have. And we will try to give you the answers you want.

Can you only have yes or no answers on this website?

We discourage yes-no questions and answers. We prefer you ask a specific question that allows for more than a yes-no answer. We prefer to give details in answers-- unless the only answer we can possibly give is yes or no.

How was the element carbon discovered?

that is my question but people give the wrong answers like me. xD

Why do you give me stupid answers that have nothing to do with my question?

because people dont know what there writing about

Can you give me lacture about Afghanistan?

On WikiAnswers you get answers to a question, not a lecture.Try a link, below.

Is there a website for Titanic that will give you answers to any question you ask about Titanic?


Is there a browser that will give direct answer to specific questions without ripping the question into pieces and give answer to everything but what is being asked?

Is there a browser that will give direct answers to specific questions without ripping the question into pieces and give answers to everything but what is being asked? Because when I think of computers and asking specific direct questions I would like the answer to that question without having to go through pages and pages of replies because my questions has been torn into pieces by a stupid browser that tears my question apart!!! So I go to for my question but they are never answered, even a simple question gets torn apart and I get pages of unrelated answers. On subjects unrelated to my question!!! When will somebody design a browser that will give answers to direct questions?

what question on answers . com has the most answers?

The question with the most answers is "What is ROBLOX's password on roblox?"

Why doesn't Answers not give people correct answers to their question?

If you know an answer is obviously wrong - there's nothing stopping you from changing it to the correct one !

Can you be giving answers on WikiAnswers?

Look at me now! I'm answering your question! Of COURSE I can give answers! So can you... Yes you can just click on answer if you feel you would like to answer a question or on improve answer if you feel you have a better answer.