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edge or John Cena

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Q: Who wins title from sheamus?
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Who wins John Cena or sheamus?


Wwe What was sheamus first title?

The first title that Sheamus won was the Wwe Championship.

John cena wins the WWE title 5 times - it was against whom?

Either Randy Orton,Sheamus or Batista

What is the title of Sheamus' theme song?

The title of Sheamus' theme song is "Written In My Face" by Jim Johnston and Sean Jenness

Does john cena get a rematch for the WWE championship title against sheamus?

No , Its looks like HBK to clash Sheamus for the next title oppurtunity and sheamus to hold it atleast till WrestleMania.Source :

How much does sheamus wwe make?

Sheamus is a professional wrestler Sheamus has many championship wins and his career in the WWE, competing on the Smack Down Brand and Irish Whip Wrestling.

Did Sheamus keep his title in wwe?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

How many does titles sheamus have in his career?

Sheamus so far has 1 US champion Title 2 WWE champ title 1 world heavyweight title 1 king in the ring and one royal rumble

How many times the WWE sheamus wins WWE championchip?

2 times

Has John Cena ever beaten Sheamus?

Yes, but never for a title.

Who wins at the WWE ppv money in the bank?

Raw money in the bank = The Miz Smackdown money in the bank = Kane Mysterio vs Swagger = Mysterio wins, Kane cashes in, new champion. Cena vs Sheamus steel cage = Sheamus wins after the Nexus interfere

Can sheamus retain his title in royal rumble 2010?

no he will lose it to john cena

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