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Q: Who won all but one of the slave states was elected in 1856?
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Who was the democrat elected in 1856 and won all but one slave state?

yerrr mamas hairy backside ^^the correct answer is; James Buchanan

What did Southern States fear would happen if Lincoln was elected in 1860?

All new states would be free soil, and the slave-states would be permanently outvoted in Congress, which would pass laws that favoured the North over the South.

Which slave states were loyal to the union?

West Virginia broke apart from the slave state Virginia and joined the Union, but for the most part all slave states were Confederate.

Were non-slave states allowed in the confederacy?

The Confederate leaders wanted as many states as possible to join them. Whether non-slave states could join was moot, since all of the non-slave states were in favor of preserving the Union.

What southern slave states never seceded during the US Civil War?

The eleven "Southern" states that seceded from the Union were all "slave" states. The slave holding states of Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware were termed to be "border" states and geographically, none of them can be describes as "Southern" states, especially Delaware.

What state didn't secede in the Union?

All the non-slave states, plus four slave-states that did not vote Confederate - Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware.

Which of these required people in all states to help slave owners recapture runaway slaves?

the fugitive slave law

What required people in all states to help slave owners catch their runaway slaves?

fugitive slave act

How many free and slave states where there at the end of slavery?

If its the end of slavery then all of the states were free

Why did the Republicans consider Senator John Crittenden's plan to protect slavery south of 36 30 N latitude acceptable?

Because Lincoln had not been elected on an Abolitionist ticket. All he said was that he would not allow any extension of slavery. So the Crittenden Compromise was acceptable in its recognition of existing slave-states, but not in its provision for possible new slave-states.

How many states were there when John F. Kennedy was elected president?

There were 50 states when John F. Kennedy was elected president of the United States in 1960.

What state elected Barack Obama as president?

All the states you idiot!