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Who won the English Civil War?

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The war was won by Parliament, but after the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1658 dissent led to disorder and the monarchy was restored in 1660. For eleven years, from 1649-60 England was a republic.
Fought between 1642 to 1651, the English Civil War pitted the Royalists against the Parliamentarians. The result of the war was a victory for the Parliamentarians, and King Charles I's execution.

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How was the English Civil War won?


Who ruled the English Civil War?

Wars are usually named after the winner of that war. Due to the fact that the war is called the English Civil War the English won the war.

What was the conclusion of the English Civil War?

parliament won the civil war and they killed Charles

Who ultimately won the Civil War?

You need to specify whether you mean the English Civil War or the American Civil War.

Who won the battle of worcester in the English Civil War?

English Parliamentary won the Battle of Worcester.

Who was victorious in the English Civil War?

The English Civil War ended in June 1646, when Royalists Oxford surrendered. So.. Parliament won.

What were results of the English Civil War?

the cavaliers won hope this helps

Who won in the Civil War?

union won the civil war

Did the Unions or the Confederates won the Civil War?

The USA won the war.

Who won the English Civil War battles?

oliver cromwell or parlement or roundheads

What side won the Civil War?

The North won the Civil War

In the Civil War who won the battle?

the north won the civil war

Why did the English Civil War happen?

what triggered the English civil war????? Check out 'How did the English civil war happen?'

Who won the last war in the English Civil War between Charles1 and Oliver cromwell?

Oliver Cromwell

Who won the north and south Civil War?

The union won the civil war.

Won won the Civil War?

In England, the Civil War was won by the Roundheads. In America, the Civil War was won by the northern (UNION) from the civil war in American no single side won America and Britain signed a peace treaty, but most American though A. Jackson (the seventh president won the war) won them the war.

Conclusion about the english civil war?

parliament won beacuse they had more forces and money

Who won the battle of Oxford in the English Civil War?

The siege of Oxford was a Parliamentarian victory

Who was Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil War?

Oliver Cromwell was an army leader as well as a politician. He and Parliament won the civil war over the king .

Who won the Second battle of Newbury in the English Civil War?

The Second Battle of Newbury, which occurred during the English Civil War, was fought between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. The result of the battle was indecisive.

When did the English Civil War finish?

The English Civil War ended in 1651.

What did the navy do in the English Civil War?

The navy did stuff in the English civil war

What happen after the English Civil War?

Cromwell won and formed the protectorate. After he dies the monarchy was restored.

How did the outcomes of the battles of the English Civil War affect the King and Parliament?

Parliament won the war, and the king lost his head.

Who won the cilvil war?

The Union won the Civil war

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