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Who won the battle of Argonne Forest?


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The battle of the Argonne Forest, also known as the Meuss-Argonne offensive, was the last major campaign of World War I, from September 26 to November 11, 1918 (the armistice). The American and French troops forced the Germans to retreat, and with the collapse of the Hindenburg Line, the Germans sued for peace.

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There were 117,000 American casualties in the Battle of the Argonne Forest.

the Battle of The Argonne Forest

Battle of the Argonne Forest.

The Meuse-Argonne Offensive was fought during World War I between the United States and France on one side, and Germany on the other. The U.S. and France won the battle.

This was important because this ends WWl

There were 122,063 casualties NOT!!!!!!BIG TURDS

It was one of the last battles before Germany surrendered.

In Argonne Forest. Also known as the Meuse-Argonne offensive

The Battle of the Argonne caused the final breakdown of German resistance and helped bring about the German request for armistice.

The closest city to Argonne Forest is Verdun which is on the outskirts of the forest

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American Order of Battle Meuse-Argonne Offensive happened in 1918.

I believe it was the Battle of Sharqat in 1918. -Actually, it was the Battle of Argonne Forest. The Battle of Sharqat was fought between the British and Ottoman Empire. Thus leading to the signing of the armistice, not the Treaty of Versailles.

German troops surrendered and American troops were saved so Americans were able to fight in World War 1

there were 500 that went to war, only 200 came back. which means 300 were killed.

The French and American forces saw an opportunity to end the war while the German forces were stalled. The Americans began their offensive in the region between the Meuse River and the Argonne Forest. After suffering heavy casualties, they shattered the German defense. The battle began on October 4, 1918. led by General John Pershing. It was the final and largest battle fought by the AEF in World War I.

The Battle of the Argonne Forest, also known as the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, took place in three phases between September 26 and November 11, 1918. It included five battles that can otherwise be considered separately:the Battle of Somme-Pythe Battle of Saint-Thierrythe Battle of Montfauconthe Battle of Chesnethe Advance on the MeuseIt is often cited as the last major Allied and American offensive of the war, as the Allies were still advancing into German-held areas when the armistice was announced. It is also cited as claiming more US lives than any other battle then or since, which is to be expected given the duration of the operations and the number of American troops involved (250,000+). Included in the deaths were casualties from the Spanish Flu (influenza), which spread across Europe beginning in June 1918.

It was one of the last battles before Germany surrendered.

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