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Who would win Star Wars vs halo3 i think halo would win a costly battle against the empire and the jedi but what do you guyz think?


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September 13, 2011 9:59PM

while halo does have many weapons in its favor, i would have to say star wars, if you count in the many superweapons such as the Death Stars, the Sun Crusher (makes suns go supernova, frying their orbiting planets), and the Star Forge (can pump out HUGE amounts of war material in very little time). Even without those, they have the Star Destroyers and the like, which can be devastating in space (broadsides attacks, large amounts of tie fighters) and on land (massive orbital bombardments, thousands of stormtroopers and at-series vehicles, and tie bombers).

though you can't exactly say I'm a reliable source, as i am a star wars fan(atic)