Who would win in a war Australia or Russia?

Australia, because Australia has allies like the United States of America. The USA would not allow Australia to fall to Russia (rivalry). The USA would have on their side Japan, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, Canada and the United Nations would properly stand behind the USA.
Australia would not need nuclear weapons, because they have a the USA's, the UK's, and China's. They also have an incredible fighting spirit just look up the ANZAC.
Also Australia has it's close economic allie China, who are not the biggest fans of the Russians. China could easily take out Russia with a single order.
As well as Australia has New Zealand, and who would want to fight New Zealand.

Thats bull if the Aussies fought Russia one on one they would be wiped off the face of the earth. Plus China couldn't defeat Russia. The Russian Army is better trained and has far better equipment. Most Chinese equipment is old Soviet-era technology.