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Who wrote the first constitution?

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Thomas Jefferson wrote the first constitution

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Who wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution?

William Penn wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution.

Who were The constitution farmers?

they were the people who first wrote the constitution

Who wrote the first draft of the constitution?

According to my social studies book, Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the constitution.

Who made the first constitution?

Ben Franklin wrote the first draft of the U.S. constitution.

What colony wrote the first constitution?


Who wrote the first constitution in America?

thomas hooker

Who wrote Pennsylvainia's first constitution?

William Penn

What colony wrote the first constitution in America?


Who wrote the Us first constitution?

James Madison

Who wrote the current Constitution of Japan?

After the Second World War, the Japanese Government wrote the first constitution but General Douglas Macarthur didn't accept it so he wrote the new constitution and forced the Japanese to accept it.

Who wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution and was America's first town planner?


What president wrote much of the first ten amendments to the constitution?

The president that wrote the first ten amendments is......James Madison

Why was the US Constitution needed in the first place?

greg marsch wrote it! greg marsch wrote it!

Who wrote by hand the first copy of the constitution?

Thomas Jefferson

Who wrote the constitution of Ireland?

who wrote the constitution of Ireland

Who wrote the first seven articles of the US Constitution?

James Madison

Who wrote first page of Indian constitution?

Actually the first page of the Indian constitution consists of a Preamblewhich is the introduction to the constitution of India so accordingly it was not written by someone it is decided or written by the framers of our constitution.

Who wrote Carolina's constitution?

John Locke wrote the constitution of Carolina.

Who wrote Europe constitution?

Prince Dimitry of Russia wrote the constitution.

Who wrote the constitution of indapendence of the US?

Who wrote the Constitution of the United states

What was Oliver Ellsworth's contribution to the Constitution?

Oliver was on a five person committee that wrote the first draft of the Constitution. He was responsible for the term "United States" in the Constitution.

Who wrote the costitution?

when was the constitution wrote

Who wrote India constitution?

Dr. B.R Ambedkar wrote India's constitution.

Who is the author of the Massachusetts constitution?

wrote the Constitution

Who hand wrote the final version of the constitution?

Gouverneur Morris wrote the final verstion of the constitution