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marc almond from soft cell marc almond from soft cell

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Q: Who wrote the song say hello wave goodbye?
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Who played clarinet on Soft Cell's single Say Hello Wave Goodbye'?

Dave tofani

What is the latin word for wave?

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"Hello Again" Neil Diamond "Hello" Lionel Richie "Say hello,wave goodbye" Soft Cell "Hello America" Def leppard "Hello Hello" U2 "Hello my old friend" ELO and also: Alice Cooper -Hello,Hooray Ataris -Hello & Goodbye Beatles - Hello, Goodbye Beatles -Hello, Little Girl Bon Jovi -You Had Me From Hello David Gray -Say Hello Wave Goodbye Di-rect -Hello and goodbye Doors -Hello, I Love You Elliman Yvonne - Hello Stranger Oasis -Hello Phil Collins- We Said Hello Goodbye Postmen Flying - Hello Prince - Hello Robbie Williams - Hello Sir Hoobastank- Hello Again Intwine -Hello again Evanescence- Hello Interpol -Say hello to the angels Lost Prophets - Hello Again Deep Dish -say hello Amy Diamond - Hello Theory Of A Deadman- Hello Lonely Cheyenne Kimball -Hello goodbye Hyde -hello Anberlin - Hello Alone Paramore- Hello Hello Jonas Brothers- Hello Beautiful Diddy Dirty Money- Hello, Good Morning Beyonce- Hello Eminem- Hello Sugarland- Hello Ice Cube- Hello Lady ANtebellum- Hello World Prince- Hello Super Furry Animals - Hello Sunshine Owl City - Hello Seattle

What were the names of all of the people in soft cell - say hello wave goodbye?

Marc almond david ball

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When was Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye created?

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What are the release dates for Wave Goodbye - 2012?

Wave Goodbye - 2012 was released on: USA: 7 March 2012

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