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Martin Luther King did.

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Where did marthin Luther king give his famous speech?

He gave his famous speech "I HAVE A DREAM" in Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

How did marthin Luther king died?

he was shot on a balcony

How old was marthin Luther king jr when he graduated from college?

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When did Martin Luther King write his speech?

martin luther king jr wrote " i have a dream'' in 1963

Where were marthin Luther king jr's kid born?

when was martin Luther kids named

Who wrote Martin Luther King Jr's I Have a Dream speech?

He wrote it... Martin Luther King was not a politician, he wrote his own speeches and said only what he meant.

What did marthin luther king jr do?

Gave freedoms to black people

How are Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther king Jr's speech's different?

becuase marthin luther king said "i have a dream"

Why did Martin Luther King become famous?

Martin Luther King become famous because of the speech he wrote 'I have a dream'

Why are you celebrating Martin Luther King Day with a day off?

Becauase we need to remember what marthin Luther king did for black people

When and where was Marthin Luther King born?

he was born on January 15,1929 in atlanta gorgia

What was Marthin Luther king?

hard to explain but he was part of the Black history month

When was the assassination of Marthin Luther King Jr?

On 4 April 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee.

How was marthin Luther king jr educated?

yes he was educated in a lot of uins and colleges

Who wrote the speech 'I Have a Dream'?

I Have a Dream is a speech given in 1963 by Martin Luther king, Jr. about freedom.

Who said the speech 'i have a dream'?

Martin Luther King jr. wrote 'I Have a Dream'

Who wrote I got a dream?

Martin Luther King Jr. used the term in a speech.

Where did Martin Luther King have his speech?

Where Did Martin Luther King Jr. Talk His Speech At?

What was Martin Luther King speech about?

Martin Luther King did not make a speech. However, his son, Martin Luther King Jr, delivered a speech called I Have a Dream.

How old is marthin Luther king right now?

If Martin Luther King, Jr. were still alive, he would be 81 today. (Born January 15, 1929)

Who is marthin Luther king?

Martin Luther King is a German Monk who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the Civil Rights Movement from 1955 until his assassination in 1968.

How was Marthin Luter King Jr king educated?

Martjin Luther king jr was a good educated man he had a BD BA and a dr. degree

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