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Q: Who wrote the story of Oliver Twist?
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Who wrote Oliver Twist and when?

It was Charles Dickens who wrote Oliver Twist He wrote it in 1838

What author wrote the book ''Oliver Twist''?

Charles Dickens wrote the book ''Oliver Twist''

Who wrote A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist?

charles dickens wrote a christmas carol and oliver twist

What was the name of the author that wrote Oliver Twist?

Charles Dickens (under the pseudonym "Boz") wrote Oliver Twist in 1838.

Who wrote the story Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist is written by the Great Victorian Author Charles Dickens. This book was his second novel after 'The Pickwick Papers'. This book was first published in monthly installments as 'Bentley's Miscellany'

Protagonist of Oliver Twist?

the protagonist of this story is Oliver Twist and the antagonist is Fagin

How old was Charles Dickens when he wrote Oliver Twist?

He was around 26 when Oliver Twist was finished. Aceacers

When did Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist?

Charles dickens started writing oliver twist in 1998.

When did Charles Dickens Write Oliver Twists?

Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist in 1837 and finished it in 1838. Can you believe that? Only one year to write the WHOLE story!

Why did Charles Dickens write Oliver Twist?

Dickens wrote Oliver Twist based on his personal experiences through the eyes of his main character Oliver.

Who wrote Oliver Twist?

Charles Dickens wrote this book in 1837.

What is relationship between Oliver Twist and Charles dicken?

he wrote the book and oliver

Is Oliver Twist a Christmas story?


What is the story of Oliver Twist?

i hate

What year is Oliver Twist set in?

The story of Oliver Twist takes place at the time of 'New Poor Law' of 1834.

Who wrote the music to Oliver?

If you mean Oliver Twist, there are several diffrent versions. The Most recent version, "Twist", had its music written by Gila Sand.

Did Charles Dickens write Oliver Twist?

Yes Charles Dickens did wrote wolverine twist

What is the fiction character's name which in the story he asked for more?

Oliver Twist In the book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

What is the moral of Oliver Twist story?

i hate

Do you like Oliver Twist story?


Who wrote the Novel Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist is one of the most famous novels on the planet. It was written by one of the most famous writers - Charles Dickens.

Who wrote the words and lyrics to Oliver Twist?

Vernon Harris and Lionel Bart wrote the screenplay for Oliver! the movie. Lionel Bart also wrote the music.

What show is did Lionel Bart write?

He wrote the music to the 1968 version of Oliver Twist (Oliver is the title)

Sub plots of Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist is a story about the battles of "good" versus "evil", with the evil continually trying to corrupt and exploit the good.

Short story of a poor boy?

Oliver Twist.