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It would be my opinion that you are both At Fault. Car A should have been looking all around before backing out of a driveway. It sounds like car B made an illegal u turn and crossed double yellow lines. I would say that both of you are equally at fault. Just my opinion

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When can you cross a double yellow line?

Only when pulling in or out of a driveway. Commercial and residential alike.

Can you cross double yellow lines to go into a driveway?

yes of course you can........if it is a driveway then the liklihood of it is that it doesnt have double yellow lines outside

Can you pass a double solid line in or out of a driveway?

One of the ways you can cross a double or single yellow solid line is when you entering or exiting a driveway

What is the average width of a driveway?

The average width of a single car driveway is between 10 and 12 feet. As for a double car driveway, it goes up to 20 feet.

What maneuvers can you do over solid - double - double yellow lines on the road?

When two parallel solid yellow lines separate lanes of traffic, the only legal maneuver you can perform is turning left into a driveway on the opposite side of the road.

Can you cross two sets of solid double yellow lines to enter a driveway?

Stop on your side, wait for a clear road, and yes you can cross the double yellow line to enter a driveway.

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What is the standard size of a 2 car driveway?

A two-car driveway can comfortably fit two cars, side by side. The standard double car driveway is between 18 and 20 feet wide by 18 to 20 feet long.

You must not cross a solid double line in the center of the roadway to?

enter a private driveway

The unique combination of cutting and double-backing is called?

The Quick Mix Theory

Can you ever cross two sets of solid double yellow lines to enter a driveway?

You should never need to do so. If the driveway is on the opposite side of the road, find a way to enter it FROM that side of the road. If doing so isn't possible, then you have no choice-- enter the driveway by crossing the yellow lines.

Can you reverse out of a driveway over double lines on a hill?

Yes, providing that you do not interfere with traffic already flowing on the roadway.

Do double yellow lines in a residential area with no sidewalk pose a danger to pedestrians?

no they mean that there is no parking

You got hit in a 4 way lane backing out of your driveway while landing in the opposite 4th lane when a car backed out of the facing street and hit your right rear?

If I understand the question you were both backing at the same time into traffic? If that is the case, likely be deemed 50/50, or if one person had ''possession of the lane'' then the other party would carry most if not all of the negliegence/liablility This is similar to what happened to my car, but in my case, my car was still not quite out of the driveway when the other car hit my left tail light area with her rear bumper, so basically she backed out perpendicularly to the street, crossing 3 lanes. And this a 4-lane street with double yellow line.

Upon entering a driveway can you cross over a double yellow line?

Yes you can. You cannot pass another vehicle at that point.

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What would a double 15 amp breaker be used for in residential wiring?

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A double solid yellow line means?

no passing or crossing just turning left

Can you make a left hand turn over double yellow lines in Colorado?

Double yellow lines signify only NO PASSING, they are not a barricade to making a lawful left turn into a driveway or business on the opposite side of the road.

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Are you allowed to cross a double yellow line if you are going into a shopping center or parking lot?

No. Never ever ever cross a double yellow line unless its a private driveway. big ticket if you do, even though people do it all the time

Two sets of solid double yellow lines that are two or more feet apart?

When there are 2 sets of double solid yellow lines you may not cross it for any reason. They are treated as though it is a solid wall. If there is only one set of double yellow lines you can turn across it to enter a driveway or parking lot.If the inner line is a dashed line(and it would be wider than 2 feet) that area is used to begin or complete left turns