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Whose name means man of steel?

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Joseph Stalin Joseph STALIN

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I do not know anything about an iron man but they had a ruler Stalin, whose name means the man of steel. His original name was Josiph Vissarionovich Djugashvili (a Georgian name).

His Last name means Man of Steel.

"Stalin" means "man of steel."

This is the real name of the man best known as Josef Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union from 1924 to his death in 1953. The pseudonym "Stalin" means man of steel, not Dzhugashvili.

Stalin, which is why Josef Stalin took it as his last name.

His name at birth was Iosef Besarionis dze Jughashvili, the name Stalin means Man of Steel.

Joseph Stalin, died in 1953. His surname is derived from the Russian word for steel - Stal - and means "made of steel".

Kal - Purush means "time-man" in India and is the known name for "Orion".

He was very much the Man of Steel. Both by name, and literally.

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it came from a man who invented it whose name had a reference to guillotine. it came from a man who invented it whose name had a reference to guillotine.

'Stalin' means 'man of steel'. He probably gave himself that name to make him seem more important

Lenin was not known as "the man of steel." Joseph Stalin was known as that. He adopted the name "Stalin" from the Russian word for steel "stal."

Joseph Stalin was the so-called "Man of Steel." He created the name for himself from the Russian word "stal" for "steel."

I was told by a man whose name ended with '-ez' the the suffix means 'son of', therefore, Dominguez means "son of Domingo", like:Hernandez- Son of HernandoFernandez- Son of FernandoGonzalez- Son of Gonzalo Domingo means Sunday in Spanish. So Domingo means the son of someone whose name is Domingo, Sunday.

Stalin means man of steel in russia so he called himself it to improve his image.

Stalin itself is a nickname for the man born Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. and means "Man of Steel". Other nicknames: Uncle Joe; Soso (his mother's nickname for him).

Stalin means man of steal in Russian his nickname was Stalin or man of steel

a smart man whose strong

Superman is the man of steel.

The name "Stalin" is intended to mean "Man of Steel." It is derived from the Russian word for steel.

Joseph Stalin was the man of steel. The name Stalin is taken from the Russian "stal" for steel. Stalin can also be called the "man of steal" because he financed many Bolshevik activities by robbing banks.

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