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To stop birtan from controling India

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Q: Why did gardhi lead a march to the sea?
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Who lead the march to the sea?

General Sherman

Who lead march to the sea?

William T. Sherman

Which General lead the March to the Sea?

W.T. Sherman.

Why did Gandhi lead a march to the sea?

Mohandas Gandhi led a march to the sea on March 12, 1930. This was done as a peaceful protest on the British monopoly on salt in India.

Why did Sherman lead his march to the sea?

to destroy all in his path (over 60 miles of land)

What role did general William t sherman do in th civil war?

lead the march to sea

When was March into the Sea created?

March into the Sea was created in 2004.

What march is lead by Gandhi?

The Great Salt March of 1930 was lead by Gandhi.

What effort was aimed at breaking the will of southerners?

Sherman's March to the Sea

When did general sherman lead the march to the sea?

Starting mid-November 1864, liberating Savannah in Christmas week. (He jokingly offered the city to Lincoln as a Christmas present.)

How many pages does March to the Sea - novel - have?

March to the Sea - novel - has 631 pages.

When was March to the Sea - novel - created?

March to the Sea - novel - was created in 2002-11.

What union general used a daring plan called total war as he marched through Geogria?

This was Sherman's March to the Sea and it was lead by Major General William Tecumseh Sherman.

Where was Sherman's March To The Sea located?

What state on the USA is Sherman`s March To The Sea located in

Why did Sherman lead the Atlanta march?

The march from Atlanta to the sea was a punitive raid on Georgia that would also enable Sherman's army to live off the land. It attacked the infrastructure that supported the Confederate armies in the field. By the time they surrendered, they were barefoot and starving.

What major city got burned during Sherman's March to the Sea?

Atlanta - though his march to the sea was planned after this.

Shermans march to Savannah was called?

The March to the Sea

What is an emperor penguins march called?

the march to the sea

What sea does the English Channel lead northward into?

The North Sea.

Why is General Sherman's march known as the March to the Sea?

Because General Sherman marched to Savannah, GA.. which is near the sea.

Who was the union leader in sherman's march to the sea?

Union general William Tecumshesh Sherman was the "leader" of Sherman's March to the sea.

Why is a sea breeze thunderstorm considered a type of air mass thunderstorm?

A sea breeze may lead to a thunderstorm if the cool sea breeze forces warm air to rise which creates a convection cell that creates strong updrafts that lead to a thunderstorm. This is how a sea breeze may lead to the formation of a thunderstorm.

Sherman's march to Savannah was called?

Sherman's March to the Sea

When was Gandhi's salt march to the sea?

March 12, 1930

When did Sherman's March to the Sea begin?

Sherman's march to the sea began from Atlanta on 15 November 1864 and ended on December 21,1864.