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The electron geometry of a water molecule is even though the molecular geometry is bent

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The number of pairs of electrons in a covalent bond equals the bond order

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Q: Why does sodium and hydrogen diffuse at the same rate?
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Why sodium and hydrogen ions do not diffuse at the same rate?

why sodium & hydrogen ions do not diffuse at the same rate?

Do solids and liquids diffuse at the same rate?

No. The particles in the solids have different mass as the particles in the liqiuds, so they diffuse at the different rate. but if their particles have the same rate, they will diffuse at the same rate.

Which gas from among methane and hydrogen will diffuse the fastest and why?

Hydrogen will diffuse faster. It's particles are smaller, so with the same kinetic energy they move faster.

Is hydrogen peroxide the same as sodium hydroxide?

No - sodium Hydroxide is NaOH and is an alkali. Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2 and is an oxidizer

Is sodium hydrogen carbonate the same as calcium?

No. Sodium hydrogen carbonate is better known to most people as baking soda.

Which gas can diffuse the fastest?

At the same temperature, hydrogen, because it has the smallest and least massive molecules.

Do all molecules diffuse at the same rate?

no because different molecules have different sizes. Smaller molecules will diffuse faster than larger molecules.

What evidence is there that potassium ferrocyanide and ferric chloride diffuse at the same rate?

because im black

Is the sodium bicarbonate the same as sodium carbonate?

No; sodium carbonate is Na2CO3, with two sodium ions, while sodium bicarbonate is NaHCO3 and has a hydrogen ion instead of a sodium ion.

Is hydrogen peroxide the same as sodium carbonate proxyhidray?

Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate (also called sodium percarbonate) is not the same as hydrogen peroxide -- but when it is dissolved in water, it releases hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate ("washing soda"). The sodium carbonate increases the bleaching action of the hydrogen peroxide. It also acts as a water softener, which makes any added detergent more effective. Sodium percarbonate is commonly used as a non-chlorine laundry bleach.

Is sodium bisulfate the same as sodium hydrogen sulfate?

Yes, sodium hydrogen sulfate (NaHSO4) is a synonym for sodium bisulfate. This material is frequently confused with sodium bisulfite, (NaHSO3). Ben Willliams, Research Chemist Jones-Hamilton Co, manufacturer of Sodium bisulfate

Is the diffusion rate in oxygen and bromine the same?

Oxygen will diffuse faster as oxygen is a gas and bromine is a liquid

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