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may lead to huge cost overruns, a failure to complete the project on schedule, and then, in the rush to meet final deadlines, the delivery of a project that fails to meet the needs of the customers.

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Q: Why is project creep not a good thing?
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Why is it absolutely critical to have the scope of the project identified?

it minimizes the likelihood of project creep. Project creep contributes to increased project costs and late project delivery.

Why is it important not to let your project drift and what does drifting mean in the project management context?

Drift, in project management terms, is scope creep. Scope Creep is mainly when some uncontrolled/unforeseeable changes affect the project schedule.

When a project scope has a tendency to increase - known as?

Scope creep

What occurs when the quantity or quality of project deliverables is expanded from the original project plan?

scope creep

What is scope creep in project management?

Scope creep refers to scope changes applied without processing them though the change control process. The role of the Project Manager is to ensure that Scope Creep does not happen in their project. As per the PMBoK guide, the Control Scope process is used to control the projects scope.

What is project creep?

occurs when decisions are made to implement additional functionality beyond what was defined in the project scope

Why is creep a good name for the type of mass movement?

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What is hope creep in project management?

Hope that the project will expand beyond its original specifications so that the contractor can bill 150% or more.

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What is scope creep?

Scope creep happens when the defined scope a project is increased during the development phase. It is called creepbecause it tends to happens slowly. For example: A project was defined to handle $US. Everybody agreed to the scope ($US). Then somebody tries to add handling of the Euro and then the Yen. You now have scope creep. This is similar to feature creep - where features are added during the development phase.

Can define me about you?

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When users ask for added functionality during a systems development project it called?

Scope creep

Occurs when one activity in a project has led to another that was not originally planned?

A scope creep occurs

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What is scope creep in project management and how can project managers avoid it?

Scope creep results when the design includes extra features or functionality that were not included in the original requirements. This could result in cost and schedule overruns. There should be a Configuration Control Board (CCB) that evaluates all changes to the requirements baseline. For avoiding it, you can use project management tools like PPMX so that there are no manual overruns.

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