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Why Canada got involved in world war 2?


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Canada was both involved in world war one and world two because during that time, Canada was still part of the British Commonwealth regiment or in other words, Britain still had power over Canada and its foreign policies. So if Britain declared war, Canada was automatically at war too.

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Hitler did suacide. to himself when they were losing the war. When Canada and us got involved.

Canada became involved in world war 1 because Canada was one of the British empire's colony and were allies with them.

the United Kingdom got involved with World War 2 on the 3rd September 1939.

Canada was not much involved with world war one but Canada served in world war 1 to help the UK Because they where very close countries

Canada got involved in WW1 because Britain got involved and since Canada was under british rule, Canada was in the war to support Britain along with many other countries that were under British rule, such as Egypt. Britain got involved because Germany was going to attack France by moving through Belgium to get to france. When Germany invaded belgium, Britain wasn't to happy so they joined the war fighting against Germany and the other Central powers. Since Britain joined the war, Canada joined the war. It was like a chain reaction.

Canada has fought in the Boer War, World War 1, World War 2, Korea and Afghanistan. -It was involved in peace keeping duties in many other disputes.

New Zealand got involved in World War I in August of 1914.

Canada did not have any obligation to be involved in World War 1. Canada had no personal grievances against any of the powers involved.

He didn't Get Involved as such, he created World War 2 in 1939 until 1945 and he bombed Canada.

they were involved in the war because when britain was at war canada was at war too.

when Americans got involved in WW2In world war 2, Americans got involved right after the Japanese attacked pearl harbor. AnswerPearl Harbor.

Canada was involved in the Revolutionary War because the American Colonies (U.S. and Canada) were seeking independence, that is how Canada was involved in the Revolutionary War.

it got involved because pie liked England and liked war.

The United States got involved in World war 1 on April 2, 1917

Hitler's country, which was actually Austria, got involved in World War 2 in 1939, the year the war started.

Canada has been in several wars:The War of 1812The Boer WarThe First World WarThe Second World WarThe Korean WarThe present war in Afghanistan

French Belgian Italian German States: Prussia, Wurtenberg, Saxon, Bavaria Austria-Hungary Portugal Poland Greece Bulgaria Albania & Bosnia-Herzogovinia Rumania Russia Turkey Commonwealths of UK: Australia Canada United States (after 1917) ww1 was called a world war because most of the countries around the world got involved in it. ww1 was called a world war because most of the countries around the world got involved in it. ww1 was called a world war because most of the countries around the world got involved in it.

Canada at the time and still is part of the British Commonwealth along with Britain, Australia and New Zealand. This mean when Britain got involved, so did Canada but wasn't fully involved. __ Canada was indeed "fully involved". Army, navy and air force along with massive movement of supplies, merchant navy all participated in the war. 42,789 Canadians were killed and approx 97,988 were wounded during the war. To even suggest Canada "wasn't fully involved" is insulting to the huge effort and sacrifices made by Canadians.

The United States got involved in World War 2 after the bombing at Pearl Harbor on Sunday, December 7, 1941.

US got in the war because of the bombing in pearl harbor.

Hitler started world war 2 then japan got involved

WWII. It was what got the U.S. involved.

The war to gain control over Canada, World War 2, the French Revolution.

Un-restricted sub warfare is what got the US involved.

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