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English has become an internationally spoken language largely because of the size of the British Empire. The British explored the globe, settled in numerous regions such as Africa, Asia, Australia and North America. Although the empire is no more, a legacy of English language was left with the countries. At the same time, England was one of the most active trading countries in world. Traders in other countries found it beneficial to learn English to develop trade links and do business with the British.

Of the countries once in the British Empire, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, numerous African countries as well as many smaller countries and islands still use English as the main language. English is accepted as the main international language because of the wide use of it and because of the number of large trading nations today that speak English as a first language.

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Should English become International language?

English is an international language.

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English is the International Trade Language.

Why is English accepted as an international language?

English is accepted as an international language because it is widely spoken. Many countries in the world speak the English language.

What language is considered the international language?

There is no concensus, but in general, English is known as an International language.

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The relevance of the English language

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English language is an international language that everyone has to utilize for communication.

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officialy no, but the international (de jure) language is english!

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because it is an international language

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It seems that some form of English is becoming or has become the international language.

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English language is international language. Nepali language common medium language.

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The English language is the leading language of commerce.

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English is the international language recognised by ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organization)

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They identify in english, the international language of aviation.

Why English language considered as international language?

sorry , can't answer it..

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English language known as the international languages marines use English as their language for further communication.

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Because, unfortunately, English became an international language.

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The UNESCO sets out April 23 as the English Language Day.

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English Language is Originated in England And it is the International Language.Largely because of the earlier British Empire, English is widely spoken in the world as a first language or a second language.

Importance of English language in international diplomacy?

French and English arethe languages of international diplomacy.Didn't u know??????????????????????????????????????????????