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Q: Why India government does not get another big ship like vikrant?
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How is the government of India like the United states and how is it like Britain's?

India's government is like the US and the UK government in that they are all forms of democratic government. India having the largest democratic population in the world.

What are the power sharing arrangemennts in India?

Like in many countries, power sharing arrangements in India split the government into different areas. Examples are central or union government, state government and local government.

What is the formed of government in India?

India has a federal formed government. India is a sovereignty, a democratic republic. It is socialist and secular. Today the Indian central government tends to be more powerful statewide and has become more like a British style parliament.

What are the steps taken by government to conserve energy?

Today government of India is using non-renewable resources to generate electricity like from coal,why don't government of India is not using renwablel resources like solar energy,wind,tidal,etc are there to generate electricity.

Point out one feature in the practice of federalism in India that is similar to and one featuer that is different fronthat of belgium?

In India, just like in Belgium, the central government has to share its powers with the regional governments. However, unlike India, Belgium has a community government in addition to the central and the state government.

Why did India form a government like Britain's after gaining independence?

The government of the new nation of india was set up as a parlimentary democracy, similar to governments in Britain, Germany, and other western nations.

How does religion shape life in India?

Christians in some areas of India are being persecuted, not by the government, but by terrorist groups in India like m.q.m. One of the places Christians have been persecuted is Orissa, India.

What is the harappa government?

Harappa government is just like the caste system in India. It puts its lower citizens to the bottom of the food chain.

What is gilt fund?

A Gilt Fund is one that invests in Government Securities like Government of India Bonds, or US Treasury Bills etc

What has the government done to preserve your India?

factory have been fined for releasing harmful chemicals . old cars have been banned from road due to smoke they create -------------- London government can buy a hybrid car to conserve natural resourses like fossil fuels today government in India is using non- renwable resourses to genrate electricity like coal, why don't government of India is not using renwable esouses like solar energy, wind, tidal, etc are there to generate electricity...

If the government calls you an alien does that mean you are from another planet?

It means you are from another country, like an immigrant.

What are the advantages of federalism government in India?

federalism is the best form in a country like india. here the power is divided into many sectors which make the rule easier.

Is there another bank like BCCI?

No. BCCI stands for Board of Control for Cricket in India. It is the governing body that controls Cricket in India and it is not a bank. There are numerous banks in India some of which are State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank etc. and none of them are like BCCI.

What is the conclusion on union bank of India?

Union Bank of India, UBI is one of the major nationalized (government owned) banks in India that provides all banking services to the citizens of India. It was established in the year 1919 and has been providing banking services like bank accounts, loans etc to the customers of the bank. Good People to Bank with is the slogan of Union Bank of India. UBI is one of the major nationalized (government owned) banks in India that provides all banking services to the citizens of India.

Why the elections are not expensive for India?

There are 2 possibilities. First, elections are expensive in a country like India because of its size and diversity. Second, when we compare to the other expenditures made by the Indian government we get another image. For example, in 2005 India bought 6 nuclear submarines from France costing 2660 crores each. In 2010 India hosted the Commonwealth Games, spending 5000 crores. Compared to this, elections are not expensive.

Does India need another mahatma gandhi?

of couse we need another gandhiji bcoz ni ine running the world like him when he used too!?!?!?!?!?

What is the most famous curry in india?

The most famous curry in india is Kadhi which is made by muthha and another curry which is famous in india is Chicken Curry. People like both type of currys very much.

What is the reason why India is the dirtiest county in the world?

It is not. Its just Hollywood showing Slumdog millionaire. Entire India is not like that. People who stays at slums are mostly immigrants from nearby countries like Bangladesh. But Yes there are slums, and Indian Government is working at it.

What are the total no fo branches of indian bank?

Indian Bank is one of India's oldest and largest Nationalized Banks. It has nearly 2000 branches across India. It is headquartered in Chennai India. It is fully owned by the Government of India. It even has branches in 69 countries outside of India like Singapore, USA, Malaysia etc.

Which country is Hindu?

India, and it has another name - Hindustan. And other countries like - Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc.

What did the Government of India Act of 1919 introduce?

Government of India act 1919 introduced dyarchy, i.e. dual form of the government. There is to be a central legislature and a provincial legislature. The main powers were still in the hands of the british people. The central government was responsible for the main subjects like defence,finance etc. while the provinsial legislature was responsible for health and education. The provincial legislature did not have any major powers and the finances needed to implement the policies in health and education were to be sanctioned by the central legislature, therefore it was like a dummy government.

Should commonwealth games take place in developing country like India?

no common wealth should not be held in developing country like India cause of common wealth the corruption in India has been increased .The government is wasting lots of money on common wealth's .The Rich are becoming more richer games held in India show that we are today also doing the slavery of Britisher's.

What is the importance of translation in a multicultural and multilingual society like India?

Translation in a multicultural and multilingual society like India is important for the growth and exchange of commerce. All parties benefit from the ability to understand one another. It also mediates the exchange of technology and advancement.

Why did the virgina delegates insist that the new government have three branches?

So that everyone could be equal in the government and not stress to make another one like they did.

What are the steps taken by your Indian government to stop marginalisation India?

The govt is giving jobs to the people like muslims,dalits,adivasis etc