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Laxu's answer made no sense so I deleted it. Next time Laxu please contribute something that makes some grain of sense.

Only RNA primers can be used because DNA polymerase cannot add nucleotides without an existing 3-OH' to build on. RNA can be added to an existing template without this requirement and is then used by the DNA polymerase to initiate the strand.

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What initiates DNA replication?

DNA polymerases

What is the importance of replication?

It is only because of replication that the generation continues.

How many rounds of chromosome replication occur in the cell?

DNA replication (chromosome replication) occurs only once before mitosis or meiosis.

How often in the life of a cell does replication occur?

Replication occurs only once in the life of the cell.

Does viral replication only occur in mitosis?


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What initiates synthesis of a new DNA strand?

During the formation of egg or sperm, the sex cell divides into two and also the chromosomes are divided into two equal parts. During this process, processes called meiosis and DNA replication take place as DNA too needs to be divided and this initiates the synthesis of a new DNA strand.

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What is the replication of rickettsia?

Rickettsia can replicate only etracellulary

Is DNA replication the same as mitosis?

No, mitosis is the process of cell division. DNA replication is only one part of this process.

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What does the replication of DNA produce?

Produces only new DNA.

Does Viral replication only occurs when the cell is in the process of mitosis?


How does DNA replication differ in prokaryotes and eukaryotes?

There is only one replication origin in prokaryotes. Only one DNA polymerase enzyme works at once, while in eukaryotes there are two replication origins. Therefore there are two sets of the enzyme DNA polymerase working at once.

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