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Why Speedometer on 93 Lexus LS 400 does not come on until about 15 to 20 miles especially in the morning?

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2006-07-13 13:29:44

This is a fairly common problem in Lexus cars. I have read quite

a bit on this but have never done repairs since my lights and

instruments work fine. I am suggesting that you follow this link

which will take you to You will have to copy

and paste the URL into you address bar. I located the exact thread

but there are also several others. LOC is the best source for any

Lexus information and the members are extremely helpful. There is

no charge to join, just make a user name and passwork. You DO NOT

need to join to view but if you wish to post a question you do. IF

you join please put my name vbdenny as your reference.


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