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could have faulty or dirty contacts, pump motor could be bad or the pressure gauge is faulty

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Q: Why Well pump will not turn on?
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Your 2001 ford mustang will not turn over what could be wrong with it?

well it could be a fuel pump.....u should be able to hear the fuel pump turn on when u turn the key.....or its a starter

Steering is hard to turn on 1995 GMC Suburban?

Check the power steering pump for fluid as well as make sure that the pump is working and the belt it tight. If the pump is not working then the steering will be hard to turn.

Why won't my submersible well pump not turn on?

probably the wire connections are not connected properly

How do recharge well water pressure tank?

A lot of times it is easier than you would suspect, turn off the pump, drain about 1/2 of the tank, close the valve, turn on the pump. It may be as easy as that (depends on the pump and tank)

Why is there water coming out around your well but stops when you turn pump off?

Sounds like a broken pipe down the well. Call a well technician

How do you install a shallow well jet pump?

A shallow well jet pump sits on the ground next to the well. To install it, connect tubing to the intake side of the pump and put a foot valve on the end of the tubing to control the water. Lower the foot valve and tubing into the well. Remove the drain plug on the pump and pour water in it to prime it. Replace the drain plug, connect the pump to power and turn it on.

Will the fuel pump relay make the fuel pump cut off and on?

yes, the purpose of the relay is to signal the pump to turn on and off, if its not working at all the fuel pump will not turn on.

You have ants at your well pump?

Help I have ants at my well pump

If the main relay goes bad on a Camry will it cause it to not turn on?

it well cut power to your fuel pump.. you well not be able to start your car after a short drive.

How do you backwash pool filter?

1. sand filter: turn off power to pump, move pump valve to backwash, turn power back on and let run for 2-3 minutes. 2. turn off power to pump, move pump valve to rinse, turn power back on and let run for 1-2 minutes. 3. turn off power to pump, move pump valve back to filter, turn power back on.

How do you turn the injection pump up on a jd 4010?

To turn the injection pump up you set it to TDC static timing by rotating the pump. It is adjusted by an Allen screw on the lower side of the pump.

What is wrong with your 1992 Mercedes Benz 190E it will turn over but it won't actually start Please Help?

A common reason is the fuel pump relay. Turn on the ignition - you should hear the fuel pump run for about 1 second. If not, could be the fuel pump relay. Could be lots of other things as well you know!

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