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Why am I different from the others girls you talk to?

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Answered 2007-10-12 01:26:50

thats not really a vaild quiestion as you have really explaned why? like are you grumpy happy popular not so popular.

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How do you talk to girls how do you open up?

Girls differ on how they want towards guys, some are easy to talk with while others are not. I guess learning the different ways of talking to girls is a big help in order to succeed in such task.

Do girls like sensative guys?

Most girls do because they are open and honest with the female. But some girls do like the guys that are prideful or mistreat others. Girls have different assets that they are attract to but most girls like guys they can talk to.

Why do guys talk behind your back?

It depends on the person themselves. It's all those wimps who talk behind others' backs. If they did have guts, they'd say it to your face. I guess, like girls, they talk behind someone's back when they don't like that person or think they're weird. Other times, they'd talk about others' physical impressions (especially girls). Why do we talk behind others' backs? Because we just want to let it all out. For guys, it's probably the same as well. But I doubt that guys gossip about others as much as girls do.

Is puperty fun?

The answer is different for different girls. Some people like it, others don't. I like it

When do girls think of boys?

Okay girls usually think of guys all the time. Some girls are obsessed and only talk about them but others keep it to themselves. Depends on the girl. :)

Will a ghost talk to someone they don't know?

Every ghost is different; some talk incessantly while others never talk at all.

How do you get girls to talk to you?

Talk to them.

How are you different from others around you?

My face, Character, the way I walk, talk etc.

Do guys talk to other guys about girls?

AnswerUnfortunately sometimes its not always polite, good or even true but yes they do.Answeras of what i heard..yes because honestly i heard guys talk about stuff and its pretty boring so i guess when girls are not around their up to talk about somethin different like girls..AnswerGuys have even told me to my face they talk about girls! Its weird how they talk about girls they talk about how hot a girl is or about the butt and stuff! Its purvey!!!!! STOP LOOKING YOU FREAK!!!Answeryes they do its the same thing as girls talking about guys they talk about who they like,whats funny about a girl,whos hot whos not,etc.

Why do girls never talk to you?

Because girls have better things to do than talk to silly, invert boys who don't have the gonads to talk to them their selves. Girls want YOU to talk to THEM.

How do you talk to black girls?

The same way you talk to white girls. The same way you talk to white, brown, yellow, or red girls.

Why do some middle school girls have big butts?

Some girls develop different than others. It's all in their genes

What causes girls to start their periods earlier than others?

EVERY GIRL IS DIFFERENT. They all have different genes and hormones

What do boys like to talk about?

Pre-teen boys? Well, the talk about sports, girls, games, girls, how annoying school is, girls. They'll talk about girls, and cars. And when they talk about girls, they'll be really sick-minded, as in her butt, chest, or other parts of her body.

Is a guy with red hair and freckles attractive to girls?

different people like different things, some girls go crazy for the "Rons" of the world, others think gingers have no souls, all a matter of the girls you run into

Why do guys obsess over girls they like?

ITs a fact that guys talk more about girls than girls do about guys because girls tend to talk a lot about social issues where as guys would talk about girls in that time.

How do i win a boys heart back When is he's at college and doesnt like it when girls talk to him to much?

Try and go for a different guy. if he doesn't like to talk to girls then maybe he doesn't want to be in a relationship in college.

What is the best website to talk to live girls on?

hi5 is the best website to talk to girls on!

What is the love song rock Hudson sings in Pillow Talk to the different girls?

Inspiration - Rock Hudson

How do you tell if girls talk about you on Facebook?

Talk to them.

How do you talk to girls my own age?

You talk to them

What do boys talk about when girls aren't around?

It depends on the kind of person they are. Obviously boys are more likely to talk about their girlfriends when they aren't around. Everybody is different. Just think about what girls talk about when guys aren't around. It's most likely very similar.

Why do boys talk about girls and what do they say about us girls?

boys talk about girls because they might like them or hate them if you wanna know what they say, they talk about breast sizes and seeing breast such as girls when they bend over and just stuff that girls think is preverted when it like girl talk to us which me and my friends call guy talk

What happens at the movie theatre in the outsiders?

Johnny and ponyboy talk to girls and socs intervene and try to beat each others meat

What are the ways people talk to people if they talk on the girls breast uniqueness?

The uniqueness of the girl includes the girls breast. People talk on this to dress these girls, to protect uniqueness of girls, & give differences of boys & girls so people know.