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Emoticons are used in instant messaging programs like aim, Yahoo messenger, etc. You can download them from programs such as

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How do you use emoticons on gmail for Kindle Fire?

Emoticons can be used the same way in Kindle. They are graphical images which can be used. These emoticons contain plenty of images of faces.

How do you spell emoticons?


What are emoticons on deviantART?

Emoticons used on deviantART are most often full words surrounded on either side by colons. These are then interpreted as images. See related links for a full list of deviantART emoticons.

Are there baseball team emoticons?

There are probably emoticons out there for baseball. Many websites provide different emoticons, I would suggest Googling emoticons.

Why are emoticons yellow?

Emoticons aren't always yellow, Emoji are tons of colorful emoticons, just some of the emoticons on computers or laptops sometimes are just yellow!

Can emoticons be used in the application 'Skype'?

Yes one can use emoticons in the application Skype although some problems have been reported when using them with certain versions of iPad. There are a number of emoticons to show one's emotion or feeling.

How long have Emoticons been used?

The use of emoticons can be traced back to the 19th century, and they were commonly used in casual and humorous writing. Digital forms of emoticons on the Internet were included in a proposal by Scott Fahlman of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in a message on 19 September 1982

Are there any hidden Skype emoticons?

you can make your own emoticons

Why are emoticons used?

Emoticon are used to compensate for the expression and emotion when using non spontaneous talk.

How can you see emoticons on your LG Optimus?

emoticons of the mobile himselve, and they are really ugly :(

How do you do all the Emoticons on Gmail?

Gmail contains a lot of emoticons too. You can use them while writing mails to someone. The emoticons can be obtained by clicking on the smiley,

Why wont your Gmail activate your penguin?

Gmail has various emoticons on it easily. You can add these emoticons while creating a mail. The smiley icon is the one that leads to these emoticons.

How do you put emoticons in Tumblr posts?

Just use the basic text emoticons like ':)'.

What is an example of emoticons?

For most Western style facial expression emoticons, a colon is used for the eyes (or a semicolon for winking eyes). Sometimes a dash is added for the nose. Various letters are used for mouth shapes.Happy face :) :-)Sad face :( :-(Winking ;) ;-)Surprise :o :O :0 :-o :-O :-0Angry >:( >:-(Laughing :D :-DConfused :/ :-/Tongue out :P :-PWhile Western emoticons are faces on their side, Chinese (Eastern) emoticons usually have the face upright. Arrowheads are used for eyes (or a semicolon for crying), and underscores are used for mouths. Japanese (2channel) emoticons are most directly related to ASCII art and often take up several lines to complete a full face.

How do you make Christmas emoticons?

You can make Christmas emoticons by downloading the Facemood add-on. This program is free to use and enlarges the number of Christmas emoticons you can use. An example of a Christmas emoticon is "

How do you make symbols on my computer?

Assuming that you're trying to make emoticons on Word... :) is a happy face :| is a straight face :( is a sad face There are a lot more emoticons used over the Internet but only these three work with Word.

Is there a site for msn emoticons?

you chat to your friends ask them if they have emoticons if they do have tell them to give some to you press on the emoticon and it will have a black square right click on it and it will say add... then you add it you can also get emoticons from SweetIM and smileycentral regan

How do you get emoticons on a blackberry?

BBM supports emoticons. Open the blackberry messenger and start chat. press the "Sym" button on your phone. The first page will be traditional text symbols. Pressing the "Sym" button a second (and third) time will bring up the emoticons that are available. Also there are some hidden emoticons you can use on your chat. Copy the emoticons from the list [link is in below]. Save them as auto text and use when necessary.

How do you disable emoticons AIM?

Edit - Settings - Expressions - (at the end) check box: Display emoticons as text instead of images

Why dont the emoticons show up on my msn?

go to options then click messages at the side then show emoticonshope this helps

Where can someone find information about Gmail emoticons?

One can find out about Gmail Messages and emoticons of the official Gmail website including the tutorial and FAQ. Websites such as About give some information, tips and tricks on Gmail emoticons as well.

How do you say emoticons in Spanish?


What is the answer to zahada level 100?

The answer is emoticons.

What is another word for emoticons?

There are three other listed words or synonyms for the word emoticons. These include smiley, emotag, and the word winkey.

Where can you get Michael Jackson emoticons?

Sherv.Net is a website that hosts some Michael Jackson emoticons. These pictures can be added to email or social networks.