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  • The oldest surviving writings on medicine are in the ancient Latin and Greek languages. Any writings in other languages either haven't been found or haven't survived. Modern medicine therefore respects those ancient Greek and Latin writings that have stood the test of time.
  • In the ancient time the contribution of Greeks and Latin language speakers (old Italy) is so vast, so influence came from there. We all remember contributio of Hypocrates, Aesculap, Gallen, Vinci.
  • NB! There are Gods in Greek Mythology who was taking care of Health Related matters (eg. Hygia)
  • Schools were based on Latin and Greek up through the 1800s into the early 1900s. Students spoke those languages throughout history. But, Latin is a difficult subject for many to learn. As school students moved away from having to study and use Latin, then Latin became almost exclusively used by Lawyers and Physicians.
  • In medicine, most of the technical terms are in Greek, because the Greeks were the first to practice it (in the western way of practicing medicine at least). Same thing for Latin for law.
  • because greek and latin were the langage that many people used for years
  • The use of Latin and Greek allows scientific terms to be the same (or nearly the same) in any language.
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Q: Why are Greek and Latin the dominant medical languages?
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What languages form the basis for medical terminology?

Greek and Latin are the primary source languages for medical terminology.

Why do you think many of the terms we use in medicine were derived from the greek and latin languages?

Greek and Latin were the languages of scholarly communication and education in ancient times, so many medical terms were derived from these languages to maintain consistency and facilitate clear communication among medical professionals worldwide. Additionally, Greek and Latin roots often capture the essence of medical concepts due to their precision and descriptive qualities.

What is roman words for knowledge?

There are not any Roman words, Romans spoke a variety of different languages but the most dominant dialects were Latin and Greek. The Latin word for knowledge is 'conscienta' and in Greek is 'gnosis'.

Which ancient cultures contributed to the medical terminology used today?

Latin and Greek are the two ancient languages from which many medical terms are derived.

What languages comprise most medical terms?

Most med terms are based on Latin and some are ancient Greek.

Scientific names are in what languages?

Latin or Greek

What is the greek and latin roots of muskogean?

Muskogean is a family of American Indian languages. They have no Greek or Latin roots.

What are the languages speaked in chhattisgarh?

Latin and ancient greek.

What two languages are scientific names are?

Greek and Latin.

What are the two dominant languages throughout Latin America?

Spanish and Portuguese are the two dominant languages spoken throughout Latin America. Spanish is spoken in the majority of countries, while Portuguese is mainly spoken in Brazil.

What languages developed as a result of Latin?

English and all the Romance Languages are based on Latin. That would be Greek, French, Spanish...

Where does common anatomical language derive from?

Common anatomical language, known as anatomical terminology, is derived from Latin and Greek origins. As early anatomists and physicians studied the human body, they used Latin and Greek to describe structures and functions due to the influence of prominent scholars like Galen and Vesalius. This tradition has persisted over time, and many anatomical terms in modern medical practice are still rooted in Latin and Greek.