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Because 98% of them act like children.

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โˆ™ 2010-12-25 18:47:17
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Q: Why are Marines treated like children?
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What were the Sioux Indian children treated like?

They were treated like angels

How were children slaves treated?

They were treated like the adults

How were children and adolescents treated in puritan New England?

the children were treated like adults

How were the children treated on the Goldfields?

Like normal children of the era.

How were native American children treated?

they were treated like adults they had to learn by watching

Why are children called kids?

Because children are treated like slaves

If you have kids can you join Marines?

Children do not affect your ability to join the Marines.

How were children treated during Victorian era?

they were treated very badly as they had to work like men

Can you join the Marines if you have chlamydia?

You'll need to get that treated first.

Why is corporal punishment good?

it isn't.. children should not be treated like that.

What where the children in the Holocaust treated like?

they had to work to keep their parents up

How were the children of the Inuit tribe treated?

The children were treated with loveand respect

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Runaway children do not go to jail, they are treated like missing persons. A habitual runaway may be treated differently, but jail is not one of the options.

How were children treated in the final solution?

Children were treated good in the final solution

How are children treated in New Zealand?

Fairly well. Like America and Australia

What kind of rights do children want?

They want to be treated like human beings.

Can you join the marines if you have crohns disease?

yes you can have Crohn's Disease if you are in the Marines.. as long as you get it treated..but you would have to be very careful of what you eat or you won't live long.

How children treated?

they were treated very badly

How are women and children treated in Iran?

Women and children are treated poorly in Iran. They are made to work like slaves and their opinions are not taken seriously. This is described in the film "Not Without My Doughter" (1991).

Can you join the marines with children?

The recruiter can answer those questions.

What did martin Luther king dream about when he got older?

He dreamed about being treated just like Whites also wanted his children to be treated equally.

How are children treated in Singapore?

Because Singapore's culture involves family there elders are greatly respected and the children are like jewels I wish to move there

In the book The Giver what new information did Fiona give Jonas about the treatment of the old?

That they were treated like children

Is the marines smart choose?

Are the marines a smart choice.Listen, buddy, if you spell like that I think that school will be a better choice than the marines.

Are marines issued a k-bar?

No. A lot of Marines carry them, but Marines have to buy their own knives just like the rest of us.