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Rocks and soil

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Q: Why are Mercury Venus earth and mars called the terrestrial plants?
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Which planets are often called terrestrial plants?

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are often called terrestrial planets.

What is the smallest of the terrestrial planets?

Mercury is the smallest of the terrestrial planets.The others in order after Mercury:MarsVenusEarth

Which planets are called terrestrial planets?

A terrestrial planet is a planet that has a solid surface made of rock.

What do you call the four inner planets in our solar system?

They are known as terrestrial planets. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

What planets are classified as terrestrial planet?

Terrestrial planets are mercury,venus earth, mars.Also called as rock planets.

Is mercury gaseous or terrestrail?

It is terrestrial. The terrestrial plants are: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Pluto (if you still pretend it's planet. I do!) The gaseous are: Saturn Jupiter Neptune Uranus

What planets does earth belong to?

Mercury Mars and Venus. Yes and these along with Earth are called the terrestrial planets.

Mercury Venus Earth and Mars are?

Terrestrial planets. They are also called Inner Planets.

What planet doesn't have rings?

The four inner [terrestrial] planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Are the terrestrial planets?

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars

What are the inner two terrestrial planets?

Mercury and Venus

Which planet is classifed as a terrestrial planet?

The terrestrial planets are Mercury, Mars, Venus and Earth.