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"Sri Lankans are primarily low caste laborers from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. People form Tamil Nadu belong to Dravidian race and are of darker completion as compared to North India.

So I guess when darker completion people mix with darker completion people, who are also not that good looking, you expect really ugly people. "

The above is infact incorrect. The majority race in Sri Lanka are Sinhalese, who originate from North India. The minority race are Tamils, who are infact Indians originating from Tamil Nadu. Therefore the ugly darker complexion "Sri Lankans" are not infact Sri Lankanas, they are Tamils from India.

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13y ago
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Marcus Smythe

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2y ago
From a scientific perspective, I believe it is due to several factors, inbreeding, mixing with the outcasts from the Dravidian South Indian people, such as fishmongers who are classified as low caste in the Hindu religion. I sincerely pity them.
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Ishmael sassoon

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1y ago
This is false , Sinhalese people are descended from the Bengalis of north indian or history , if you look at bengalis in north india vs sinhalese you can see the difference , furthermore many sri lanakn people melanaesian polynesian type dna ie aborignial
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They are beautiful.

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Depends upon one's perspective.............

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Q: Why are Sri Lankans so ugly?
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