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Why are allies important?

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allies are important for mainly two feasons (1) to pretty much know you wont have war with them (2) if you need help fighting a war with money ishues or not enough men any kind of war ishue usualy alies can help.

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Why were allies important during the revolutionary war?

Allies are important because theytraded and helped fight their enemies.That is basically all. The French were America's best allies.

Who were the most important allies of the American colonists during the Revolutionary War?

The French were the most important allies to the colonies during the revolutionary war.

Who were japans allies and enemies in world war 2?

German, and Italy were their allies and Russia, US, and Britain were their main enemies. Less important allies were Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, and finland. A less important enemy was France.

What was the important of the battle between the axis and allies?


What was important about the battle of the bulge?

It rendered the allies approach from the West.

Why was it important for the Allies to break Hindenburg line?

because it smelt

Why was it important to the Allies during the war?

because OPOTIKI is the best

Why was the battle of El Alamein important for the allies?

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Why is it important to have allies during war?

Its important to have allies during war because your enemies might be twice as much as yours or twice as stronger that yours and you need allies to help you fight the enemies. If there are more to work as a group, the possibility of winning is higher. Hope I helped.

Why was the North Africa campaign important to the Allies?

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How did the Allies won World War 2?

with the help of 2 important items: 1:RADAR 2:ABOMB how the allies won WW2

Why was d-day an important event in the allies fight against Germany?

It gave the allies a foothold in Europe in order to defeat the Germans....

Why are people trying to get so many allies in the 39 clues game?

making allies makes you popular in the game which is pretty much important i think.

Why was D Day important to the Allies?

D-Day was the turning point in World War 2 when the Allies began pushing German troops back.

Who was the mohawk leader that was one of the most important allies of for the british?

Joseph Brant

Why was d day such an important day?

it was the day Hitler and Stalin invaded the allies.

Who won worlds war 2?

First of all its world war 2 not worlds, and the allies won. allies= AMERICA, USSR, U.K., And other but not as important.

Why was the attack in Pearl Harbor important to Japan?

we were supplying our allies with weapons,food, and medical help destroying those ships would probably cripple the allies

Is Winston Churchill important?

Yes he is important because he didn't get on bad side and he had lots of allies who helped in WW1 and WW2.

Why are Nonaligned nations important?

They were important because they were not aligned with any other nation when the rest of the world nations had allies to back them up.

What happen after the of the battle of Bismark sea and why was this important to the allies?

The Battle of the Bismark Sea was a defeat for the Japanese who suffered mass casualties. After this WWII battle the Japanese were unable to protect certain areas which was important to the Allies as it allowed them to gain a stronghold in New Guinea.

Why was D Day invasion in June 1944 important to the outcome of World War 2?

It was important because the Allies were now in Europe in force.

What important things did the allies of world war 2 do?

they won the war and did stuff they drove chevys

Why was it important for the allies to take control of islands like okinawa and Iwo Jima in the pacific?

becuase they had to?

What battle was the most important in turning World War 2 in favor of the Allies?

Pearl Harbor

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