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Because they want to try and draw attention to themselves and be noticed no only by their mates but also to attract and some how, it works on some chicks! Seriously girls just dont pay any attention to themselves!! =)

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โˆ™ 2012-06-28 09:48:27
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Q: Why are boys so annoying?
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Why are some boys so annoying?

Sometimes... when boys insult you, it actually means they like you - but only sometimes! I agree with the answer above. Some boys do annoying things so that they can get your attention. Some boys do annoying things to others so that they can gain acceptance and attention from other more popular boys.

Are boys annoying?


Is Monster High annoying?

NO it is not, well not for all the boys and girls but for some boys and girls monster high is annoying.

How do you make boys stop annoying you?

Find somebody or something to do so there is no time for the annoyance.

Why do boys annoy girls so much?

Science proves that the behavior of a male is most likely to different. boys show different ways to tell a girl they like them as such it will show that the boy is annoying.

Are boys annoying to girls?

Well sometimes they are. But sometimes later the girl they were annoying will fall in love with them.

Why do boys go commando?

cause boxers get annoying..

Are girls more annoying than boys?


Why are girls always annoying boys?

because they are gorrilars

If you are a brother why are sisters so annoying?

As a brother... boys find girls annoying because boys and girls are different sex and what we like to do can differ... Therefore we argue about using things and we bother each other by asking too many questions the other knows.

Why do boys talk to you so much then sometimes its ages until they talk to you again?

because your always on his nutts and it gets annoying

Why are boys so afraid of girl cuties and what are they?

boys are Stupid. I hate my EX now he said I had cuties..... like I said.....boys are annoying. really its just a childish game its so stupid and shouldn't you already hate your EX i mean hes you EX and boys aren't stupid

Why do boys sleep in boxers?

Because they are comfortable and not annoying to sleep in

Why boys are ennoying?

I assume you mean annoying. Back when I was a boy, I guess I was annoying to get attention, or to pretend that I didn't mind it if I did NOT get attention.

Why Pakistanis are so annoying?

Nobody's annoying:)

Why is my friend so fricken annoying?

You are no fun

Why are you guys so annoying?

Everything seems annoying when you are bored, that is why you find us so annoying. I love that cause it's so true.

Do girls like to be called hot?

no, its actually very annoying cause we know when boys are just being boys :|

Are all boys annoying?

Yes, but most of them eventually become men.

Is Call of Duty black ops annoying?

yes very annoying like so most annoying thing in the world! So are all the other call of duty's in the world they are so annoying

Why is your brother annoying?

Boys can somtimes become annoying when they are bored or because they love the reaction of the person they are annoying. such as '' TOM LEAVE ME ALONE!!'' Tom, will luagh at this reaction and continue to annoy for more, ;)

Why are boys annoying?

Sometimes they think girls are so full of themselfs and stuff so they think they can make fun of girls all they want without them telling.But what they dont know is girls can get boys in big trouble just by telling an adult.

Why is annoying orange so annoying?

The annoying orange is so annoying because he wears to much fake tan, also he is a relative of Luis Suarez. The reason why he is so annoying is because of they way he speaks and the way he says things Ugh, this question was annoying! Lol.

Why girls are better than boys in education?

boys get distracted more than girls and boys can be a bit annoying and not be able to sit down for a long time

Why are 10 year old boys so aggravating?

They like to be a nusiance, and annoying. But if you ignore them and dont freak out, they will find their perky acts boring and stop.