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Cats sometimes make their tails puffy when theyโ€™re feeling especially happy and playful.

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Cats are fluffy because their fur keeps them warm.

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Q: Why are cats fluffy?
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Why do you love cats?

there fluffy?

Are cats fluffy?

no, hairy

Why are cats cute and fluffy?

Because they are! :-)

Why do cats sleep by your hair?

It's fluffy

What is the bravest breed of cat?

the fluffy cats

Is fluffy a dogs name?

yes and no, fluffy is a cats name, and it also depends on the dog breed to.

What kind of animal is fluffy and cute that i can keep?

Fluffy animals that can be kept as pets include cats and rabbits.

Are bunnies related to cats?

no way bunnies are so fluffy and cats are so wierd

What are all the types of cats?

fluffy unfluffy bald

What is the cats bedding made of?

foam and fluffy stuff.

Do kittens get baby fat?

No, there fluffy but I've had 4 fluffy cats and only one of them was fat the others had regular belly's

Are all fluffy cats related to Persians or Maine coons?

Yes, all cats are related in a way.

What breed of cats are fluffy?

long haired ones they're the best

What is a cats apperance?

fluffy ears, long tails, cosy fur

What is mattyb's favorite animal?

mine is cats becuese they are so fluffy

What animal has fluffy ears?

Rabbits, cats and dogs are three examples.

What is the cats name in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?


How are webkinz cats like warrior cats?

Besides that they are both feline and fictional, absolutely nothing. Cats on webkinz are fluffy things. In the Warriors, cats fight for their lives.

Why are baby cats so fluffy?

Because they need a lot of fur to keep their body warm when the are very little. My cat is about ten months old and she is very small and she is very fluffy. Most small cats are fluffy. Some big ones are fluffy too. It just depends on the breed. But my cat is part of a short haired cat breed and yet she is still fluffy because she is very small.

What are dogs and cats?

Cats and dogs are mammals.

How do you get the pink fluffy cat?

you cant get pink cats only if you couler their hair

What causes the rain in Canada around the great lakes?

cats with fluffy tails

Why are kitties so fluffy?

Cats are fluffy because it's how they stay warm when it's cold out. They don't have anything to keep them warm besides their fur.

What are cats with really fluffy tails called?

Cats with long fur (usually termed "Longhair") usually have fluffy tails. Some mixed breeds and some certain purebreeds are Longhaired, so going by fur alone is not a good indicator of breed. Examples of longhaired breeds with very fluffy tails include: Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Persian and Ragdoll. However, mixed breed cats can also have very fluffy tails also.

What is a female cats name?

Some names for female cats: Princess, Sugar, Laura, Annie, Cuddle-Bear, Fluffy, etc.