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Why are cats with blue eyes more likely to be deaf?

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Well, mine isn't .......

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What is likely about blue-eyed white cats?

They are deaf.Most white cats with blue eyes are deaf.

Are blue eyed Calico cats deaf?

Calico cats with blue eyes may not be that common but they are not always deaf. There is not one specific type of cat that is always deaf, however it is more likely for a white cat with blue eyes to be deaf but not all of them are.

Are blue eyed Turkish Angola cats deaf?

No in most breeds white cats with blue eyes are deaf but with Turkish Angola cats are not deaf with a white coat and blue eyes.

Are white cats with blue eyes deaf?

Most cats are deaf with blue eyes and white fur but not always. 9 in 10 cats are

Are grey cats with blue eyes deaf?

No grey cats with blue eyes can hear

Are white cats blind or deaf?

White cats with BLUE EYES are deaf, not blind. But if the white cat has any other color of eyes, or if it has one blue eye and one eye that is not blue, then they usually are not deaf.

Are white cats born deaf?

All cats can't hear for the first few weeks of their life after they're born. But all white cats are not born deaf. It is only white cats with blue eyes that are more likely to be born deaf - but that doesn't mean all white, blue-eyed cats are born deaf.

What color cat is deaf?

White cats with blue eyes have been known to be deaf.

Cats that are white with blue eyes have the pleiotropic affect?


Do cats have blue eyes when there def?

I doubt it, but most Persians with blue eyes are partially or fully deaf.

Is it true that white cats can't hear?

This is not strictly true. White cats with blue eyes have an increased chance of being deaf due to their genetics. Not every white cat with blue eyes will be deaf, and white cats with other coloured eyes have very little chance of being deaf.

How often is a white cat deaf?

The cats that tend to be deaf are not just white cats, they are white cats that have blue eyes. They are considered albinos, which in cats can cause deafness.

Are white cats deaf?

Many white cats are deaf. Deafness is often linked to the gene that causes cats to be white only, usually if they also have blue eyes.

Are cats that are white with blue eyes deaf or blind?

Im a cat expert and i say neither. Cats are coulor blind but not fully blind or deaf.

Are all blue eyed cats deaf?

No, not all blue eyed cats are deaf. If any any are then it is usually a condition brought about by some defect within the cats ears at birth. There is a more likelihood of an albino cat being born deaf. It doesn't mean having blue eyes makes you deaf.

Why are white cats with blue eyes sometimes deaf?

White cats with blue eyes are actually albinos. White cats with other color eyes are not albinos. In humans, albinism can result in severe vision problems. In cats, it can cause deafness.

What is likely an ailment in white cats with blue eyes?

They tend to be deaf. It doesn't make much difference, though, a cat won't listen to you anyhow ;-)

What color eyes do cats have?

Cats can have all kinds of eye colors just like we do. They can have green eyes and blue eyes. Most white cats with blue eyes are deaf. They can also have gold, green-gold, yellow, orange, and maybe a few others.

What color eyes do deaf cats have?

Green or Blue. But normally is Green. If they are white it will be blue. Otherwise it doesn't matter. Also, if white cats have one blue eye and one other-colored eye, they may be deaf on the side with the blue eye.

What color eyes do black cats have?

blue if they are blind Blue eyes does not mean a black cat is blind. A white cat with blue eyes has a much greater risk of being deaf, but there is no particular eye color for cats who are blind. Black cats can have any color that cats can have, like green, green-gold, yellow, gold, blue, orange...

Why are cats blind when they have white fur and blue eyes?

Cats with this coloration are usually DEAF, not BLIND. It is in the genetics, somehow, maybe faulty breeding.

Are white huskies with blue eyes deaf?

No. it is the same thing as people with different color eyes. Many white huskies have blue eyes, and are not deaf. Some may have blue eyes and be deaf, but the eye color is not because the dog is deaf, and same with the other way around.

Why is your cat deaf?

If it has blue eyes it's usually deaf. Or, if it has one blue eye, the ear on the side with the blue eye is deaf.

What colors can cats eyes be?

They can be any color: blue, brown, greenish, or a more amber color. Though hardly any cats have brown eyes, some do have blue and amber, while greenish/yellow eyes are the most common, though in white cats you are likely to see blue eyes.

How do you know when a cat is blind?

Blind cats have pure white fur and there eyes are an icy blue. There have been report's,however of blind cats with one blue eye and one green.Blind cats are known to be deaf,also.