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A cult, by definition, is any social group whose practices are considered by the surrounding population to be outside the mainstream. A common feature of cults is their tendency towards exploitation and control over their members. Some cults exert so much control that they can convince their members to commit suicide. This information is specific to Christianity's view of a cult: * In the Christian faith churches are where Christ is worshipped, but if The Bible is in some way changed or a book is added it's called sacrilegous or occult. The bible is not open to interpretation. * A cult is any organization that denies in some way that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the second member of the Trinity, and Saviour who died to free men from sin. This canbe through deceptive use of language where the cult uses words that sound right to others but actually teach something different. * Denies the Trinity.

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Q: Why are cult groups considered to be outside of mainstream churches?
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