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why are different kinds of plants have different kinds of roots


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The roots of plants in arctic soil are shallow, but I am not sure why. Sorry!

The human diet includes many types of roots from plants. These plants include carrots, potatoes (including yams), turnips, beets and ginger.

There is fruits, seeds, roots, and bark

Aerial roots which are roots that never touch the ground.Fibrous roots which are roots that are thin and branching.Tap roots have a main stalk-like root that plunges deep into the ground.The last is Prop roots which are roots that usually grow at the bottom of a plants stem that help supportand prop it up so it will not get knocked over.

what are the 2main kinds of roots

They do not have roots, stems, or leaves.

There are a variety of different kinds of animals and plants in the Philippines. Some examples are the Labanos and the Snaggletooth Shark.

The different kinds of minerals will determine the plants that grow in the soil.

There are nearly 500,000 different kinds of plants. About 2,000 new kinds of plants are discovered or developed every year.

there are about 270,000 plants in the world

what are the different power plants found in the phillippines

Plants have these things called roots that suck up all kinds of stuff.

Nitrogen fixing bacteria are common in the roots of leguminous plants like Melilotus,Trigonella, ground nut etc. and some Gymnospermous plants like Podocarpus

36 different kinds... 12 if you catoragize....

Plants transport nutrients by their roots, because they observe all different things through their roof and then with their other roots they are able to transport it and send it to different places.

It is important for the roots of desert plants to grow near the surface of the ground so the desert plant's roots may get water easily ( without going into many kinds of trouble ).

they are different kinds of cells from different things (plants and animals)

countless kinds, and more kinds are being discovered everyday.

Aloe are suseptable to Mealy Bug (both on the leaves and roots), Scale insects (leaves) and various beetle (stems, roots and leaves)

Underwater plants usually do have roots, though the constant presence of water and a reduced need to support the plant means the roots will frequently take on different shapes from their land-based counterparts.

Ficus plants have prop roots.

Roots don't have roots, plants have roots.

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