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why are different kinds of plants have different kinds of roots

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Q: Why are different kinds of plants have different kinds of roots?
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What two kinds of plants have bacteria in their roots?

kimblak and the ratejowe plants

What kinds of roots might you expect to find on plants that grow in arctic soils why?

The roots of plants in arctic soil are shallow, but I am not sure why. Sorry!

Why is it that roots may be able to develop in an unnatural location?

different plants need different things. some plants can grow with roots out of the ground because they have different needs.

What two kinds of plants have these bacteria in there roots?

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

What kinds of roots do you eat?

The human diet includes many types of roots from plants. These plants include carrots, potatoes (including yams), turnips, beets and ginger.

What two kinds of plants have nitrogen fixing bacteria in their roots?

Nitrogen fixing bacteria are common in the roots of leguminous plants like Melilotus,Trigonella, ground nut etc. and some Gymnospermous plants like Podocarpus

What kinds of plants would not be good choices for a terrarium?

Pumpkins would be bad choices as their roots will overgrow. Prefferably get small and hard plants or slow-growing plants.

What are the different kinds of consumers?

There is fruits, seeds, roots, and bark

What are the different kinds of animals and plants in the Philippines?

There are a variety of different kinds of animals and plants in the Philippines. Some examples are the Labanos and the Snaggletooth Shark.

Why is it important for the roots of desert plants to grow near the surface of the ground?

It is important for the roots of desert plants to grow near the surface of the ground so the desert plant's roots may get water easily ( without going into many kinds of trouble ).

What are the types of plants?

There are nearly 500,000 different kinds of plants. About 2,000 new kinds of plants are discovered or developed every year.

How do plants transport nutrients?

Plants transport nutrients by their roots, because they observe all different things through their roof and then with their other roots they are able to transport it and send it to different places.

What different plants grow in different soils?

The different kinds of minerals will determine the plants that grow in the soil.

Where the plant get substance from?

Plants have these things called roots that suck up all kinds of stuff.

What are the different kinds of superchargers?

Centrifugal superchargers, Roots superchargers, and twin-screw superchargers.

How are algae and plants different?

They do not have roots, stems, or leaves.

What are the different kinds of power plants located at Philippines?

what are the different power plants found in the phillippines

What kinds of growth involves roots and shoots but not reproductive structures and occurs in most plants?

Vegetative growth

What are the 2 kinds of roots?

what are the 2main kinds of roots

How many different kinds of plants are there in the world?

there are about 270,000 plants in the world

What are some different kinds of plants?

there are alot of plants y yes there is

How many kinds of plants are in a forest?

36 different kinds... 12 if you catoragize....

What kinds of bugs can aloe plants get?

Aloe are suseptable to Mealy Bug (both on the leaves and roots), Scale insects (leaves) and various beetle (stems, roots and leaves)

Some plants live in dry places where there is very little rainfall.(a) These plants often have a large network of roots.Describe two different functions of roots?

The roots are used for anchorage The roots are used for absorption of water and mineral salads

What two kinds of plants have decomposing bacteria in there roots?

Nitrogen Fixing