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Why are females so vindictive?

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*Some* men and women are vindictive. Some are not. Some people want revenge for a minute slight or disagreement; some may perceive a slight where none has occurred. If a person consistently shows this behavior, the best thing to do is to stay out of their lives as much as possible.

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What is another word for 'vindictive'?


What is the latin word for vindictive?

The latin word for vindictive is atriebīgs.

How do you use vindictive in a sentence?

She was incredibly vindictive in that vengeful thoughts flew across her mind whenever anyone crossed her. Revenge is only for the vindictive A vindictive person will not let things go easily.

What is the difference between avenger and vindictive?

Avenger is a noun; vindictive is an adjective.

What is a sentence for vindictive?

Vindictive means revengeful, or out to avenge a perceived wrong.The vindictive girl slashed her ex-boyfriend's tires.Remembering the siege of Moscow, vindictive Russian troops killed many civilians in Berlin.

What is the syn for vindictive?

with, together Synonyms of vindictive include vengeful, unforgiving and spiteful.

Can you use a sentence using vindictive?

You're being very vindictive of others.

What does vindictive mean and what are other words that mean the same?

"Vindictive" comes from the Latin word for revenge. A vindictive person is one who will want to get back at everyone who has hurt him in any way. Another word that means vindictive is "vengeful"

How you use vindictive in sentence?

Rose was a very vindictive person and she vowed to get revenge on Harry.

How do you spell vindictive?

That is the correct spelling of the word "vindictive" (revengeful, spiteful, from holding a grudge).

Vindictive in a sentence?

The damage to my property was a vindictive act by someone who wanted revenge for a reason unknown to me.

What is a good sentence can I use for the word vindictive?

"The criticism was both vindictive and personalized" (?)... but how do you ask a question?

What is a sentence for the word vindictive?

The murder of his best friend made of him a vindictive man, he now seeks revenge.

Use vindictive in a sentence?

Example sentence - His vindictive behavior will cause him to suffer more than his victims.

Who is vindictive goddess?


What are the release dates for The Vindictive Foreman - 1910?

The Vindictive Foreman - 1910 was released on: USA: 5 March 1910

How do you write a sentence using the word vindictive?

Example sentence - His daughters vindictive behavior caused more trouble than she was worth.

What does Vindictive mean?

It means being vengeful.

What is the meaning of vindictive?

Nasty, mean and vengeful

Which word means likes to inflict pain?

Vindictive: a: disposed to seek revenge. b: Intended to cause anguish or hurt."I am a very vindictive person."

What actors and actresses appeared in Vindictive - 2011?

The cast of Vindictive - 2011 includes: Andre Anthony as Tony Lauren Grover as Lauren Michael Waddle

What is a synonym for the word vindictive?

cruel, harmful, ruthless.

What is vindictive synonyms?

Hateful, unforgiving,cruel, and wreakful

What is a ten letter word that means to do out of spite?


What are characters traits of lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet?

She is rather cold and cowardly, and very vindictive. Her plan to have Romeo assasinated in Mantua is particularly vindictive and cold-blooded.

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