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mosquito is a deadly killer in some countries.


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Mosquito larvae are important food for fish and other predatory aquatic animals. Adult mosquitoes are also important food for birds, bats and other arthropods, including dragonflies and spiders.

Mosquito is the same in Spanish as it is in English.same MOSQUITO!!!!

because they catch mosquito and other harmful insect in there web them

Mosquitoes eggs and larva are laid and live in stagnant water.

No is a complete metamorphosis b/c of the first stage;egg,baby mosquito,half of a mosquito,mosquito,& an Adult mosquito.

Mosquito that cause malaria is Anopheles mosquito.

Mosquito larvae plays an integral role in the aquatic food chain by being a nutrient packed food source for fish and other aquatic animals.

The adult mosquito can fly while the young of the mosquito cannot fly.

Through mosquito bites, which is why it is important to give your dog heartworm preventatives.

If they did not complete their life cycle their species might extinct...

No. A mosquito does not molt.

No, the mosquito is an insect.

There is no antonyms for mosquito.

mosquito is the same in english and spanishhay un mosquito!!there is a mosquito!!thanks hope that helped :P

A male mosquito is called a mosquito just as its female counterpart. The male mosquito however does not suck blood like the female and lives on nectar.

The young stages of a Mosquito are called "Mosquito larvae".

The bite of a normal mosquito and a dengue mosquito are the same. The symptoms of the dengue mosquito bite is different. The dengue mosquito carries a virus and could cause nausea, vomiting, and a loss of your appetite.

Yes, mosquito bite pictures can help you determine if your bites are from a mosquito. Simply compare them to pictures of mosquito bite pictures online.

The plural of mosquito is mosquitoes.

a baby mosquito is a family

The plural of mosquito is mosquitoes.

Mosquito fly with their wings.

mosquito sucks the blood

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