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Why are my teeth yellow when I don't eat sweets and I brush my teeth?


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2009-11-03 00:56:45
2009-11-03 00:56:45

Your enamle is yellow.

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because some people have differently structured and built teeth.my teeth are fine, but i do know some people who have had previous problems with there teeth because they remain yellow or look like they have not been brushed, even if you do brush them.the solution is obvious if you dont brush your teeth and they're yellow, brush them.But if you do, you may require a teeth-whitening session. It really does help,or maybe just a dentist-recommended toothpaste/mouthwash.

you should brush your teeth so you dont get cavities and ritten bad teeth

So you dont have bad teeth

yes it is, if you dont brush, your teeth becomes yellow and discolored and your teeth will begin to rot. my mom always told me that unless i want to have teeth, i better brush up. so yesss brushing is very important.

You will get tooth decay and your teeth will rot.

so you dont get infections and have bad teeth

you must if you dont wanna your teeth to dissolve

You will probably get a tooth abcess eventually. It hurts like hell, so brush your teeth as well as you can.

brush your teeth! brush your teeth! and floss! dont forget to floss! and rinse with mouthwash! dont forget the mouthwash! and how about that toothpaste! make sure you brush after EVERY MEAL!

people dont brush their teeth

Dont wait you can brush afterwards just dont use a mouthwash for a while. And avoid where you got the extraction at as much as possible.

usually white but if dont brush it is yellow

It Forms When You Dont Brush Your Teeth. :) Keep Brushing Them,. :)

they dont brush their teeth or floss

For sure, espessiciallly if you dont brush your teeth!!

Your teeth will eventually rot and fall out without proper dental hygiene which includes brushing and flossing.

Yes you can, a Iman at my mosque said this is a frequent question. As long as you dont swallow any water or toothpaste, you can brush your teeth. Hope that helps! :)

it is important to brush your teeth after eating because so you can provent plack build up and not get cavities and also so you dont havebad breath.

Im guessing your trying to ask, What would happen if you didn't brush your teeth? Well, take a guess. If YOU dont shower or bathe, you begin to smell and be all dirty. Your hair begins to fall out because your roots aren't strong enough. You have bald spots. If you dont brush your TEETH, Your MOUTH begins to smell and be all dirty. your TEETH begin to fall out because the roots aren't strong enough. You get HOLES in your TEETH!!! So I kind of hope YOU brush your teeth. L8R ~Heather552

Even if you have a loose tooth, you should still brush your teeth. It may hurt, but if you want to, don't brush the tooth that is loose. Enjoy this answer!

because if you dont brush your you'll have a cavity

well see i brush mine with hot water it really dont matter so yea.

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