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Not all Oranges are "navel" some are "valencia" and some are "blood' these are just names for different varieties. On the bottom of the navel orange looks like a belly button - navel

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Q: Why are oranges called naval oranges?
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What are the holes in oranges called?

i think naval

How much potassium in naval oranges?

232 mg

Are naval oranges seedless?

Naval Oranges are indeed seedless. The naval end of a naval orange is a "conjoined" twin making the whole orange sterile as soon as the flower starts to fruit. Thus not making any seeds. Also the only way to grow a naval orange tree is by grafting a naval orange branch onto another citrus tree, or from growing a plant from a naval orange root stock.

Are oranges called oranges because they are orange or is orange called orange because oranges are orange?

The color was named after the fruit.

Difference between naval and Valencia oranges?

There are a few key differences between navel and Valencia oranges. Navel oranges are sweeter, and appear to have a navel on the outside. Valencia oranges are more bitter and come specifically from Valencia, Florida.

What is a group of oranges called?

a group of oranges does not really have a group word

Why are oranges called oranges?

Cause they're orange. :P

If oranges are called oranges than why don't we call bananas yellows?

why dont we call apples red? or grapes purple? or lemons yellow? oranges were called oranges before the color orange was named. that is probably why. there is no other explanation. they are just called oranges.

Why is oranges called blood oranges?

There are different kinds of oranges. Bloody oranges are more red than the regular oranges you would normally eat.

Do naval and valencia oranges of the same weight give the same amount of juice?

no no valencia has more

Is there acid is there in oranges?

Yes, there is acid in oranges. It is called citric acid.

What molecules make up oranges?

Oranges have an odor molecule called limonene

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