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In the past one of the languages used in the Netherlands was 'Duutsch' also used in Germany. For the English were in that time the Netherlands and the Germans the same so we were all called 'Dutch'. Later on it became different and the Netherlands was in that time more important to the English than the Germans. So they had to do something and they named the people from Deutschland Germans and they kept using Dutch for people from Nederland. Because the Dutch were more important in that time (for the English) than the Germans they gave the Germans a different name (the most important keeps the name).

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What are the people from the Netherlands called?

People from the Netherlands are called Dutch or Nederlanders (that is the Dutch translation).

Why are people who live in the Netherlands called Dutch?

They are called Dutch because they are citizens of the Netherlands

Are Dutch people called Russians?

No, they are not. People from Russia are called Russian and people from the Netherlands are called Dutch.

What are the people in the Netherlands called?

They are called Dutch.

What are the people of the Netherlands called?

The Dutch.

Where in Europe does the dutch people live in?

People with nationality of Netherlands are called Dutch.

What do you call people from the Netherlands?

They are called Dutch.

What are people living in the Netherlands called?


What are the native people of Netherlands called?

the Dutch.

What are people of Dutch ancestry called?

Dutch is what people of Dutch ancestry are called in the Netherlands. They're called Flemings in Belgium. They're called Dutch American in the United States of America.

Are all the people from the Netherlands Dutch?

Yes. the demonym for people from The Netherlands is Dutch. Note: People from the Netherlands are called Dutch, but Hollandshould not be used as the name of the country. Holland technically is the name of a region of the Netherlands, and is not the name of the country itself.

If you are Dutch then where are you from?

The word "Dutch" refers to people from The Netherlands, sometimes called Holland.

What is are Netherlands people called?

They are refered to as being Dutch

What are the particular place where people are called dutch?


How do you call the Netherlands people called?

Dutch. 😛

Which country is known as the Dutch?

The country were Dutch people live is called The Netherlands or in the Dutch language 'Nederland'.

What are natives from the Netherlands called?

Dutch people or in the language that they speak over there (Dutch) Nederlanders

What are people in Netherlands called?

Dutch (by the English) Nederlander by themselves

What do the people of the Netherlands call themselves?

The people of the Netherlands call themselves: 'Nederlanders' in dutch language. In English we call ourselves: Dutch. Or sometimes we use 'Dutchmen' to refer to dutch people. The word 'Dutch' comes from the word 'Diets' which was how the Netherlands were referred to in ancient times. The English then translated 'Diets' to 'Dutch'. Therefore we are called 'Dutch people'.

Where do Dutch people live?

the Dutch are people who are citizens in The Netherlands and territories of The Netherlands

Is it is called Nederland why say Netherlands?

nederland is how the dutch people call their land, The Netherlands is how others do.

What country is Dutch in?

The Netherlands is a country and the people living there are called "Nederlanders" (the Dutch translation) or Dutch. The Netherlands lies in Europe, next to Germany and Belgium and the North Sea.

Are the Dutch from the Netherlands?

Yes the Dutch live in the Netherlands (sometimes called Holland)

Why did the Dutch have difficulty finding settlers for Netherlands?

Because the Netherlands is where the Dutch people are from.

Is The Netherlands Dutch?

The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe.The people of the Netherlands are known as the Dutch.Their language is complex, it has the nick name double dutch.