Why are pigs smarter than dogs?

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Scientific studies have equated the intelligent of a dog to a two year old human, while pigs have the intelligence of a three year old.
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Are pigs smarter than dogs?

Yes. Pigs are surprisingly smarter than dogs. Scientist say that a pig is as intelligent as a three year old human. That depends on the individual pig and the dog. . In general, a pig may be smarter then an american bulldog, chihuahua, english bulldog and afghan hound but not so much against a c ( Full Answer )

Are dogs smarter than cats?

Tests so far are not capable of testing whether cats are smarter than dogs, and vise versa. Cause and Effect experiments, such as a recent study using a baited string, have shown that dogs are smarter than cats. But the first issue is that this test does not test every capability of intelligence, ( Full Answer )

Are pigs smarter than cats?

Yes, pigs are comparatively smarter than cats and even dogs. Pigs have been touted as the smartest, and the cleanest domestic animals in the world; they are capable of abstract thought, and have passed tests that has been said that a three-year-old-child would have trouble with. Pigs have excelle ( Full Answer )

Are dogs smarter than pigs?

No. Dogs have the intelligence of a 2 year old human, while pigs have the intelligence of a 3 year old.

Dogs Are smarter Than Cats?

That's tough to answer. Many experiments find dogs are smarter because the cats fail it, but that's only because dogs are more social and seek to please their master, while cats do not. Because of this, it just adds to the debate. The actual answer is unknown, so call it a tie.

Is a dolphin smarter than a dog?

I have two answers for you. Before the past decade the answer is yes dolphins are smarter than dogs. But before the past decade research into dogs (their intellegence and behavior) was not deemed a valid school of study by most of the scientific community unlike dolphians who were studied in detail. ( Full Answer )

Is a pig smarter than a dog?

On average, yes. However, it is all up to the individual dog and pig. Pigs that are just bred for food in farms will obviously be less intelligent than a domestic dog for a pet.

Are boy guinea pigs smarter than girl guinea pigs?

Not nessecarily, depending on the circumstances either can be more intelligent. Although I have found that my highly intelligent Abyssinian female (Clair) is smarter then my male, and Clair will even come to me when I call her name. She's 3 years old this year, and I raised her since birth, and this ( Full Answer )

Are pigs smarter than monkeys?

nope. monkeys are the smart ones that didnt fall out of the trees. humans are the dumb ones.

Are big dogs smarter than little dogs?

It really depends if the dog has been trained in life, when dogs grow up they seem to get smarter. And sometimes it depends on what type of dog it is.

Are cats and dogs smarter than a person?

No. Smarter than some people I know, Yes. However, not people as a whole. Intelligence has many levels of measurement. Most commonly used to categorize animals are the ability to memorize, distinguish, reason.

Is a dog smarter than a bear?

Although dogs are better at understanding human emotions andinteracting with humans, bears are far more intelligent than dogs.In fact bears are almost as intelligent as the higher primates.

Is a pig smarter than a monkey?

A monkey is smarter than a Pig.. Monkeys have a excellent memory as they're closly related to humans however Pigs are not related to humans and they dont have much smart interlect and capability...

Are dogs getting smarter than Humens?

With your spelling I fear the answer may soon be yes...... I am afraid so ......... I say a small dog once , but it was really a coyote pup ...... My dog new right away that it was a coyote .... So he got in front of me and growled and showed his teeth ..... Then the mom coyote jumped out and show ( Full Answer )

Is the golden retreiver smarter than other dog breeds?

Well, some people think so, but officially the Border Collie is the smartest. While, the poodle is in second. I personally have known some stupid poodles. I think that the golden should be high on the list because of their quickness to pick up on lessons.

Is a pig smarter then a dog?

Yes, they are a very smart animal. I had a pot belly pig and it was amazing how smart he was.

How much smarter is a monkey than a dog?

dogs are smarter monkeys can learn more things because they have a body similar to ours, but that does not mean they are smarter.

Why is dogs smarter than cats?

As with people individuals vary widely in how smart they are. Ihave seen very smart cats and very stupid dogs (and the other wayaround too).

Are dogs smarter than monkeys?

Monkeys are smarter than dogs. Monkeys have figured out how to you tools and create shelter form themselves in the wild. A domesticated dog today could not do that. (zozopaw: but i have read that dogs can read your emotions better then a monkey:)

Are pigs smarter than whales?

No comparitively whales are proven to be much smarter than pigs and are still poorly understood, some scientists even believe whales are smarter than dolphins

Smarter more cats than dogs?

NEITHER IS SMARTER THAN THE OTHER. That is actually the truth. This question is asking the same way a person would ask, "Which is smarter, girls or boys?" All the girls will say girls and all the boys will say boys. Same here. All the dog people will say dogs and all the cat people will say cats. So ( Full Answer )

Are whale smarter than dogs?

sorry to say but yes i think although i am said to be abit weird and the fact i think all animals are magical otherwise yes

Are large dogs smarter than small dogs?

Whether large dogs are smarter than large dogs depends on the nature of the animal. The smartest dogs are the Collies and Golden Retrievers. ~Jessica.Songbird

Are guinea pigs smarter than hamsters?

Guinea pigs are smarter than hamsters in responding to us.They even respond when hearing our footsteps or when opening fridges.But,hamsters are more intelligent in doing tricks than Guinea pigs.

Dogs are smarter than cats you fool?

While dogs are smarter than cats in many ways, cats also have their smart points too. Dogs are smart at working in groups, but cats are smart in working as an individual. Dogs also tend to be easier to train with tricks, but cats are also less picky, and are smart enough to be outside on the street ( Full Answer )

Are dogs smarter than coyotes?

yes and no. well because some coyotes are not the sharpest tool in the shed,but yes because they are technically related to the "dog family." so it really depends on perspective you look at it. Nature or Nurture question. Coyotes grownup in the wild often out maneuver humans or dogs trained to run ( Full Answer )

What is smarter a pig or dog?

Pig. Dogs have the intelligence of a 2-year old human, while pigs generally have that of a 3-year old.

Are dogs smarter than girls?

Many dogs are really smart but comparing a dog with a human girl? No, dogs are not smarter than either girls or boys. (Though I know several that would make a close horse race...)

Why is your dog smarter than your wife?

I think you confuse intelligence and own free will with obedience. Dogs don't argue and worship you. People will never do that, incl your wife.

Are the cats smarter than dogs?

As far as can be reasonably determined, they're approximately equal. Dogs are somewhat more easily trainable, but that's because they're "pack animals" while cats in the wild tend to be more solitary.

Are dolphins smarter than dogs?

Yes. Dolphins are considered by many to be the second smartest animal, after humans and before elephants. There are some that think they should be given civil rights and be considered "non-human people".

Are hamsters smarter than dogs?

Not by a long shot! Ever try to train a hamster to do even a quarter of what dogs are capable of doing?

Are cats smarter than a dog?

Dogs have been proven to more intelligent then cats, but cats are less maintenance. Dogs can be trained to do many tricks, though cats usually like to do their own thing. If thinking of getting a cat or dog, it depends on what you like, some people are cat people and some are dog people. It is true ( Full Answer )

Are pigs smarter than cattle?

yes,pigs are smarter than cattle in some case like pig always use to voide their feaces in corner of open place not the covered area for their living,that is they do not dirty their shed like cattle.

Are dogs smarter than girl dogs?

cientists at the University of Vienna tested 50 pet dogs, to try and determine whether the pooches would notice a ball that "inexplicably grew or shrank." Researchers would roll a ball behind a screen, wait a moment, and then roll a larger ball out on the other side. Though the researchers weren't t ( Full Answer )

Are cats smarter than dog?

Yes cats are smarter than dogs because studies show that cats have over 300 billion neurons in their brain while dogs only have a mere 150 billion.

Are pigs smarter than chimps?

no, they are not. Chimps have almost the exact molecular structure as humans therefore chimps can hold more information in their brains

How much more are dogs smarter than cats?

Dogs are not "smarter" than cats. It's very hard to compare intelligence cross-species, but to the extent it can be done, they're of roughly equal intelligence. Dogs are better at some things and cats are better at others.

Are pigs smarter or dogs?

Yes. A dog has a comparative intelligence of a 2-year old, while a pig has that of a 3 year old.

Are dinosaurs smarter than dogs?

No. Simply because dinosaurs are extinct and dogs are not, so that should tell you that dogs are smart enough to avoid extinction and the dinosaur did not .

Are dogs smarter than huminas?

no dogs are not smarter than humans, humans can think in a much smarter way than humans, No dogs are not smarter than humans at the moment but who knows maybe in the future they will be....

Are theos smarter than cats and dogs?

that depends. Sometimes theos can be wise about things but usually a theo is considered to be a grade lower in intelligence from cats and dogs

Are dogs or cats smarter than humans?

Technically no. But there are times when it does seem that animal surpass humans in their ability to understand, and to be kind to one another.

Is a dog smarter than a 5th grader?

Smarter is all subjective. Can a dog do division? No. Can a dog survive in the wild on their own? Yes. It all depends on what skills you are taking into account. By the adolescent years, both dogs and humans have pretty developed problem solving skills.